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Is There Life Besides Work?

Lets find out!

© By Othmar Vohringer

This is a meme about what we do when we’re not working. Kristine, chief writer of the OBS Blog got the meme started with What I do when I’m not working. Then she tagged, as the rules of the game dictate, three fellow bloggers: Kevin from, Bryan from Deer PhD and Holly at NorCal Cazadora. All had to write about the same topic.

Before I move on let me say that the posts made for some interesting reading. I often wondered what my fellow bloggers do when they are not working. This meme shines a little light on the private life and activities of the tagged bloggers and lets a personal side of an otherwise anonymous writer shine through.

Bryan has tagged me with that meme. He also tagged Arthur from Simply Outdoors whose post you can read here and Rick from Tails & Trails, his post can be read here.

Now, almost a week later, it is my turn to tell you what I do when I am not working. As I already said to Bryan this is not very easy because I am somewhat of a workaholic. I have many different interests but rarely do I indulge any of them on a regular schedule.

Hunting and writing used to be something that I did in my leisure time, to some extent it still is. If I say to some extent I have to add that I am in a transition state where I am trying to make hunting my bill-paying job. Starting a new career involves hard work and commitment.

After my regular eight to ten hour workday I come home and work on my pro-hunter career. Writing this and my other blogs is just a small, but time consuming part, of promoting myself to the outdoor community and industry. Writing promotional material and sending it to interested parties within the hunting industry takes time as well and so does the creation of the new website.

In fact I have been working on the website for over a year and I am still only half done with it. I want the website to reflect my commitment to the hunting heritage and my efforts in the preservation thereof. A website can say many things about the person or organization it represents. Besides my commitment, my website also should express “quality”. To me quality and trustworthiness are two very important aspects of what I want to project. is not only about me, and my services to the hunting community. It also will be a place where hunters can come and find honest information, tips and product reviews. So you could say that I work two jobs and this leaves me with very little time to do much else.

Lucky for me, I have a wife that at times pulls me away from it all and encourages me to do something else. If it were not for Heidi I probably would do nothing but work.

Lets see what I enjoy doing in my time off work.

Fishing is something I am not passionate about it but I like it very much. Fishing relaxes me tremendously. Sitting on a lake or stream for an hour lets me forget the world around me.

I know that the next bit may sound a little soapy to some but I assure you it comes from the bottom of my heart. Spending time with my wife, best friend and soul mate is something I hardly can do without and is very important to my overall comfort. Spending time with Heidi can be a good conversation, a trip to the local coffee shop or a walk/drive on a Sunday afternoon or just go with her to the local superstore for grocery shopping. Just to be near my wife fills me with joy and happiness.

I have never been big on sports. Mind you there was one sport I could see myself really getting involved in and that is Rodeo. I mentioned this once to my mother when I still was a teenager and she made me promise not to do it. Respecting my parents I obliged with that wish and kept my promise.
Many years later, after my mother and father had passed away, I mentioned the desire of riding broncos and bulls to my wife and what do you know, she too made me promise never to climb on the back of an enraged bull or a wild horse. Now I am to old for such shenanigans but love to be a spectator on Rodeo Shows or when they broadcast on TV.

My taste in music is widespread from Verdi, Strauss and Beethoven to the melodic rock of Queen and ABBA, but my favorite music has always been country music. It would take up to much space to list all the country singers I like. As a young kid I loved to listen to Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson and others. Back then there was no radio station in Switzerland that played “cowboy” music, the only way you could listen to such music was in the music store by pretending to be interested in purchasing a record. I still like the old country singers but there are also a few modern ones that I like too. Yep, at heart I always have been a cowboy- hence my nickname “Swiss Cowboy”.

With books it is like with music, my interest in subjects is spread all over the spectrum from zoological topics to history and the funny novel. I do not like horror- it gives me terrible nightmares. The most recent book I enjoyed reading was The Da Vinci Code. Of course I also read the daily newspaper to keep tabs on the happenings in our community.

Other Interests:
Being a hunter and outdoors person for as long I can remember I like to spend time in nature when ever possible, besides hunting and fishing, I like to go on walks with my wife and dog or observe wildlife behavior. Through my wife (visit her blog here) I learned photography and use that skill to take pictures to supplement my articles and product reviews.

Last but not least I like cooking and baking. I enjoy creating delicious meals or baking goods. For me cooking is an art where I create a well rounded flavor bouquet where a hint of each flavor of the various ingredients can be tasted. I never could understand why many people like a hot chili pot that kills all the other flavors. Good food can be summed up as a symphony of flavors complimenting each other.

Things I want to do in the future:
Succeeding on becoming a professional hunter, writer and seminar speaker. Because this would give me the opportunity to do much more for the preservation of our unique North American hunting heritage and to get young and new people involved in hunting. Having traveled all over the world I know that North America is the only place in the world where people of all walks of life independent of their financial and social status can hunt. North America is also the only region in the world I know of where land has been set aside (public land) for just this purpose. We need to keep it that way for the future and make every effort to prevent governments and industry from going the way European and other countries have gone, were hunting has become a recreational sport for the financially and socially privileged.

So there you have it. Like I said at the beginning I do not do too much because I do not have much free time on my hands.

According to the rules of this meme I now will tag three other bloggers by linking to their blogs.

Heidi: Artemis - 12monthsOFwinter

Marian: Marian’s Hunting Stories

Jody: The Hunter’s Wife

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Matt said...

Good post Swiss Cowboy!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Matt :)

-ov a.k.a. Swiss Cowboy :)

deerPhD said...

Swiss Cowboy - I like it! If word of this nickname spreads, you just might be introduced as this someday at a big speaking event!

Thanks for continuing the meme and for sharing more about yourself - it was great to learn more about you. I wish you the best as you continue to pursue your passion for the outdoors and hunting.

The Hunters Wife said...

My first comment, of course, is the nice things you said about your wife and I love her pictures on her blog.

As the others said, it is always great to read and learn about those you communicate with weekly.

Hopefully we will get to see your Othmar website soon.

Anonymous said...

I had a bit of trouble with the concept of not working too, Othmar. So you're not alone in that.

I also thought what you said about Heidi was wonderful. Whenever I get cynical about finding Mr. Right someday, someone comes along and reminds me that it can happen. Today that someone was you.

Thanks for the glimpse into your life outside of what we already knew. It was fun to read.

Othmar Vohringer said...

DeerPhD – Thank you for the comment and the good wishes. (lol) You just gave me an idea. As a teenager I have seen two concerts of Meat Loaf – another singer I like – he used to make his entrance on the stage on a huge motorbike. Maybe I could enter a seminar stage riding on a bronco.

The Hunters Wife – Thank you for the comment about the pictures I will pass it on. It’s easy to say nice things when you’re in love. We’re married for over ten years now and it still feels like it did on the first day.

I am working hard on the website but keep finding stuff that could be made better. So far I have set back the launch of the website three times. The new launch date is sometime in mid January 2008.

Kristine- After a marriage and several disappointing relationships I got cynical too and promised myself that I never will fall in love again. I remained a bachelor for 15 years, perfectly content with my life. Then I went to Canada and Heidi walked in my life. More than ten years later I am still convinced that we were made for each other. I believe strongly that there is a perfect match for everyone, finding them can be a problem. I had to come from Europe to Canada to meet my match.


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