Monday, June 12, 2006

News: World Hunting Association Update

Well it looks like the will of the people, or hunters, in this matter has manifested itself and seems to work.

As reported yesterday in my article World Hunting Association: Comepetitive Hunting. Founder and CEO David Faberman, a real estate executive has announced the founding of the World Hunting Association. With this company Faberman offers competitive hunting tournaments. In these tournaments monetary prizes of up to US$ 500,000 can be won by shooting at live animals in high fencing game operations with tranquilizer rifels and arrows. The animal is then revived so the next hunter can shoot at it. Read another good article about this shameless money making scheme - High Fences and Low Ethics on Rons Journal.

What Faberman announced in his own big words as; "For far too long, hunters have looked forward to the day when we would eventually get our own professional sports league," has now turned out to be exactly NOT what the hunting community has been looking forward to. In fact hunters have been so disgusted by the very idea to turn the honored hunting heritage into a sport, that thousand have written letters and emails in protest to the World Hunting Association and their sponsors.

The result so far, I am very happy to report, is that several sponors such as Carbon Express Arrows , G-5 Outdoors and Gorilla Treestands have pulled their sponsorship. Still listed as sponsors of World Hunting Association are Xtreme Scents and Pneu Dart.

As a fellow hunter I would like to thank the thousands of hunters all over North America who wrote and send protest letters and took the time to make a difference. To view some of the online hunting community discussions visit BowZone and

I would like to encourage hunters that not yet have voiced their disgust and resentment about the plans of the World Hunting Association to turn our age old outdoor heritage into a spectator sport for the highest bidder, to take a pen to paper and write directly to the World Hunting Association or any of the sponsors mentioned. I also would like to suggest to write letters of appriciations to the sponors that have pulled their support.

This is a very important issue and we need to stop it before more money makers smell the bacon and try to turn hunting into a sport for the masses like football or tennis.

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