Saturday, January 27, 2007

PETA visits Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer

The last two days I noticed that my blog received an unusual amount of visitors from the PETA. That’s right the hypocrites that bad mouth hunters at every turn. Of course I wanted to know why PETA all of a sudden shows so much interest in my blog. With some difficulty –PETA seems to hide controversial issues deep in the bowls of their forum – I found the cause of that sudden interest. It seems not all PETA members take what the leaders of this fanatic organization say as the undisputed gospel.

A young member of PETA2, a forum aimed at teenagers and children, wondered what PETA had to say about the allegations that they kill animals and why they didn’t help the stranded and starving cattle in the recent blizzard hitting Colorado. That kid posted up some links to reports about PETA and their hypocrisy. One of theses links was to a post I made on January 10, Governor of Colorado: “PETA are a bunch of Losers and frauds". Other links lead to and, two websites that inform the public about the true agenda of PETA and other organizations like it.
PETA was hit hard recently with two of their staff members on trial for cruelty to animals. Maybe you remember reading the newspapers about the two PETA staff that were arrested and successfully prosecuted for brutally killing dozens of puppy dogs and little kittens and then dumping then in a public garbage containers.

This young person asked a plain and simple question and got a lot of abuse from brainwashed fellow members for it. One of the moderators wrote a lengthy reply with the usual PETA logic we have come to expect from them.

You have to read the reply the young person got, from an adult no less, unbelievable:

Here we go again... Anti-PETA people all seem to be so against the "propaganda" PETA spouts, what on earth do you think "PETA Kills Animals" is? That is *completely* one sided propaganda.

As I'm sure you're aware, no organisation, especially one as big as PETA, is perfect. When you have thousands of people together, you can't expect that they will all be good. Are you going to hold the entire organisation at fault for the unacceptable actions (and PETA has acknowledged that these actions were unacceptable) of two of its members? “

Here the moderator talks about the two PETA employees - not members as wrongly stated -that have been prosecuted for the cruel killing of kittens and puppies (it's believed that they took some of the puppy dogs from peoples yards). They committed this crime during working hours killing the animals in the back of a PETA van on orders of the organizations management, so they said in court under oath. The police found boxes full of poison and syringes in the van, supplied by PeTA. Everything inside the back of the death van appeared to be in frequent use. She also blatantly lies to the kid by saying that PETA acknowledged that these actions where unacceptable. They never did that, they made excuses for the criminals.

Here is more of the comment the moderator made.

Moving along to the Colorado cattle. The fact is, that those animals were all destined to be eaten, and PETA didn't want to step in and temporarily preserve their lives so they could be eaten later. They want no part in the meat industry. What happened to those animals is tragic, and no one is saying otherwise, but it was the responsibility of the farmers and others in the meat industry to feed and rescue their cattle. If PETA had helped them, they would have just been sending them on to gory, bloody deaths and further profiting the meat industry. Whenever humans are fencing animals in to paddocks to prevent them moving on to search for shelter when conditions change, we will always have tradgedies like this.

That's an unbelievably ignorant answer to give to a kid. What she's actually saying is that PETA really doesn’t give a dime about animal welfare. In fact, with that statement she promotes cruelty to animals by saying that it is O.K for animals to die a slow horrible death while humans stand by and watch if it serves their political purpose and agenda. What kind of message is that to pass on to a child! Words simply fail me.

The unusual attention my blog got from PETA members makes it to me all worthwhile. One kid started so ask questions about the organization and searched for answers, part of which he found on my blog. Then he posted what he found on PETA’s forum and with that he maybe got other children thinking too. At least I hope so. I do know that this kid is not any longer happy about PETA and in future he will spread the word about his experience with this selfserving uncaring organization. It’s just one kid that I played a small part in rescuing it from the claws of PETA. And that makes my day. One at a time that is how we can succeed against these hypocrites.


Editor said...

did you notice that all your sites went down after the PETA interview?

Anonymous said...

You maybe have a point there editor. After I changed to the new blogger system I couldn't log into the dash board anymore. The dang thing just would not accept my log in information. Blogger is working on it. I am told that I have top priority. We'll see about that on Monday.

Still can't log in so I am writing this as " Anonymous" :)

-Othmar Vohringer-

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