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Christmas Gifts For Hunters

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Christmas is only a few days away and if you’re anything like me you still have to get some last minute gifts for family and friends. To this end I wrote a list of useful gifts that are sure to make every hunter happy this Christmas and that will not cost you an arm and leg.

Gifts to make hunting safer and more successful:

Gifts every rifle hunter should find under the Christmas tree.

From Gun Safety Innovations comes a neat product called the GunTriever. This is a product that every firearm hunter using a treestand should own. The GunTriever will leash your firearm safely to the stand and prevent damage to the gun should it fall accidentally out of the treestand. Not only will the GunTriever prevent your priced rifle and scope form possible damage but just as important, if not more so, likely prevent injury to you and others by preventing accidental discharge caused by the firearm hitting hard on the ground after a fall.
Read the full product review here

Custom Gun Slings by Levergun Leather Works

How about a beautiful hand made rifle sling created after your own wishes and design. Levergun Leather Works, located in the mountains of the Idaho Panhandle is a one man operation specializing in hunting and shooting products made from leather.

Chance "Lever" Shelton, the man behind Levergun Leather Works is a true artist. His products are not mass manufactured. Each item is carefully designed and then hand made, from the leather tooling to the stitching, all is done by hand and with quality in mind that lasts forever. The photo I provided here barely does justice to the talent Levergun Leather Works possesses. To see all of the craftsmanship and quality you have to visit the website where you can see hundreds of designs. Levergun Leather Works offers a wide array of products besides gun slings Shelton makes knife sheaths, holster rigs, rifle scabbards, butt stock covers, pouches and fishing rod cases and each item is a unique work of leather tooling art

The ideal gift for every experienced and novice turkey hunter.

Just in time for Christmas Heirloom Custom Turkey Calls offers a special sale.

The Holiday Special package includes.
  • One Double Barrel
  • One Single Barrel (your choice of slate or crystal)
  • One Rebel Yell box call
  • One Copperhead pot call replaceable surface
  • One Copperhead box call replaceable surface
  • And two strikers

This is the perfect Christmas gift for any avid and beginning turkey hunter.
This special offer ends at midnight of December 24th.

Visit the Heirloom Turkey Call Website to purchase this Christmas Special, to view the entire lineup of high quality turkey calls and watch videos of the calls in action.

Books that belong in every hunter’s bookshelf:

Fall and Winter Turkey Hunting Handbook
By Steve Hickoff

About the Book
For the sportsman who thrills at the booming gobble of a spring tom during mating season and wants to extend that exhilarating feeling, Steve Hickoffs Fall and Winter Turkey Hunters Handbook offers the perfect remedy. The fall and winter season not only allows a wider variety of hunting options than the spring, but it also requires different hunting tactics and skills. Hickoff examines fall turkey behavior and vocalizations and provides details on locating, scouting, and calling fall gobblers, with tips for mapping flock patterns and identifying changing flock composition. Includes the little-known strategy of hunting turkeys with dogs, using them to find and flush flocks. The material on firearms, ammunition, and archery tackle will benefit all turkey hunters--fall, winter, or spring.

What the Author Says About the Book
My "Fall & Winter Turkey Hunter's Handbook" (240 pp.; 150 color photos) was just released last month by Stackpole Books. I'm happy to say that between my seminar appearances from Maine to Kansas, phone calls, and both radio and magazine interviews, there's been some steady interest.

In the book, I examine fall and winter turkey behavior and vocalizations. I also provide details on locating, scouting, and calling autumn wild turkeys, with tips for patterning birds and identifying changing flock composition. Also discussed here is the strategy of hunting turkeys with dogs by using them to flush flocks before hunters call scattered birds back to their concealed setup. As a bonus, the material on firearms, ammunition, and archery tackle will benefit all turkey hunters—fall, winter, or spring.
To read more about this book or to purchase it go here

Hunting The First State
A Guide to Delaware Hunting
By Steven Kendus

Perfectly situated on the eastern seaboard between the Chesapeake Bay to the west and the Delaware River, Delaware Bay, and Atlantic Ocean to the east, Delaware has proven to be a hunting paradise for local sportsmen. For centuries, outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen have harvested the natural riches offered by the wild game that inhabit Delaware’s deciduous forests, salt and freshwater marshes, and cultivated crop fields. Common game, such as white-tailed deer, Canada geese, and varied species of ducks have been targeted by the majority of Delaware hunters, but woodcock, quail, snow geese, crows, squirrels, and rabbits are also plentiful in Delaware and provide Delaware sportsmen with hours of hunting enjoyment each season. Join Delawarean Steven Kendus as he uses his hunting wisdom, experience, and research to preserve Delaware’s hunting legacy by sharing important history, tactics, locations, tips, and tricks associated with Delaware hunting.

Hunting the First State: A Guide to Delaware Hunting is the only book that comprehensively addresses hunting Delaware!

What's more, Hunting the First State includes useful hunting information that also applies to hunting in other areas of the Mid-Atlantic region, including:

  • Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • Southern New Jersey
  • Eastern Maryland
Hunting the First State: A Guide to Delaware Hunting is a must have reference for any hunter who hunts or who is considering hunting the Delaware region.
Find practical tips, tactics, and Delaware hunting locations for:

  • White-tailed Deer
  • Eastern Wild Turkeys
  • Eastern Gray Squirrels
  • Eastern Cottontail Rabbits
  • Bobwhite Quail
  • Mourning Doves
  • Woodcock
  • Crows
  • Ducks
  • Canada Geese
  • Snow Geese
Although the book deals mainly with hunting in Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Eastern Maryland, knowing what an accomplished hunter Steven Kendus is I am sure some of his tips and tricks apply to other regions too.
To read more about the book or to purchase the book visit Hunting the First State

Mapping Trophy Bucks
Using Topographic Maps to Find Deer
By Brad Herndon

I have often said in my deer hunting seminars, and will keep saying it until the day I die, that the key to successful deer hunting is studying and knowing the structure of the land. This is especially so on hard hunted public land. Deer travel from fod source to bedding - or to escape hunting pressure – by utilizing the lay of the land and so do the trophy bucks when they chase does.

Knowing how to use a topographic map and knowing the structure of the land and how deer use that structure will make scouting for that elusive trophy buck, or any deer for that matter, a snap. On 192 pages of Mapping Trophy Bucks author Brad Herndon teaches you how to use topographical maps and wind directions to pinpoint deer travel routes and to place your stands in advance of the deer season. This is likely the best $24.95 a hunter ever will spend.

To read more about the book go here. To read more or purchase the book go here

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You're a good man, Othmar. Thanks, as always, for your continued support of Gun Safety Innovations and the Gunslinger. I very much appreciate it.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you Kristine and thank you for your continued support of my blogs.


Editor said...

you forgot the most important gift idea. The Othhat. Your cool ballcap should be on the list.

Anonymous said...

great one.. thanx! always good 2 add some "git 'r done goomies" to the list
gp in montana

Othmar Vohringer said...

Rex – I wanted to do that put all hats are sold out. The place that embroiders them for me has a backlog on orders.

GP – Great wish list.


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