Monday, November 28, 2011

Hunting Success Is The Result Of Learning

(Originally published in the Merritt News - Othmar Vohringer The Outdoorsman)

© By Othmar Vohringer

Over the years the one thing I’ve noticed about successful hunters is a trait they all have in common: Knowledge! Successful hunters have spent many years perfecting their skills and have studied the habits and behaviours of animals. They have learned how wild animals use the landscape features to navigate around in their territory and because of this they know what features to look for that enables them to encounter wildlife. Knowledge permits the hunter to make an educated decision on where to go and at what time of the season and day, and if he should be in a particular spot in the morning or afternoon.

Hunters who lack knowledge will have to depend on luck. Luck, however, is fickle. Sometimes it comes to you the very first time but more often than not it ignores you for all of your life. Is there a shortcut to becoming a successful hunter? A way to shave off years of learning by trial and error? Yes there is! By learning from successful hunters that are willing to share their “secrets.”

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Finally – Harper Government Announces Law To Abolish Long-Gun Registry

© By Othmar Vohringer

It was like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders when I heard it in the radio; “The Harper government announced this morning (October 25th) Bill C-19, a law to abolish the long-gun registry.” It finally happens. The two billion dollar feel-good policy introduced in 1991 that did absolutely nothing to keep guns out of criminals’ hands, that didn’t save a single life but turned every law-abiding Canadian firearm owner into a potential crime suspect will be gone before Christmas. I am very pleased to hear that the government in addition to getting rid of this useless piece of legislation will also destroy all the information on individual gun owners too.

A Conservative government official said, “Rather than leave the door open for a new registry we will not assist provinces to set up a back-door registry.” Candice Hoeppner, whose private member's bill to eliminate the registry came close to passing in the last Parliament, was among the MPs attending the announcement event. "Today is a defining moment for our government. The requirement for owners of rifles, shotguns and other long guns to register their firearms has unfairly targeted law-abiding citizens instead of criminals and burdened them with red tape." she said as she laid out the case for scrapping the registry.

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