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What Other People Are Saying About Othmar Vohringer Outdoors Blog

Steven Kendus, Author, Hunting The First State
“Othmar is an influential presence in the hunting community, and I value Othmar's advice. His writings are valuable sources of information for thousands of hunters and outdoorsmen who look forward to reading his insightful articles.”
Albert Rash, Editor of The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
Othmar Vohringer! Now here is a man that walks the walk, and does a lot of good talking about it too! His blogs are just chock full of his musings, ideas, commentaries, hints and advise. These blogs are from the dean of British Columbia's outdoor sports! Check it out!
Kristine Shreve, Director of Marketing - Gun Safety Innovations
Othmar has a great reputation within the hunting, fishing and outdoor marketplace. Sportspersons respect his opinion, and listen to what he says. I have contact with many people within the outdoor community, and I always get a positive response when I mention Othmar’s name.
Kevin Paulson, CEO, HuntingLife.com
“Othmar is one of the Founding Members of the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. He and I along with the 6 other members have worked like crazy to bring about a voice and education to the Outdoor Blogging Community. Othmar is incredibly intelligent, a strong voice for his convictions and a wonderful spokesperson for the outdoor community. He writes wonderfully and his articles are well researched and well thought out.”

About This Blog 

Sharing my personal thoughts about hunting and related topics here since 2006, I now use this blog mostly as an outlet for updates on my freelance outdoor writing in newspapers, magazines and publication website. In other words, This blog is the convenient portal to the various sources of my published writing and photography. I still will publish material specifically written for this blog too, just not as frequently as in the past.

About The Author

Over the last decade Othmar has been fortunate enough to share his passion for hunting and the deep appreciation he has for nature in some of Canada's leading outdoor magazines and on countless seminars throughout Canada. Othmar tries to inform and inspire others about our rich and diverse hunting heritage and our responsibility as stewards of all things wild and beautiful. Before Othmar became a full time photographer, hunter and communicator he earned a living for over 30 years as an internationally respected animal beahviourist, a specialized knowledge that he readily incorporates in his many years of hunting experience. To Othmar hunting always meant more than just going out to pursue wildlife; to him it's a way of life. If he is not out hunting or studying wild animals he writes about his endeavours or talks about it on seminars. As an educator and promoter he's active in the preservation of our hunting heritage and the recruitment of young and new hunters.
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If you're interested in having Othmar write for your publication or present one of his many hunting seminars on your next event please feel free to contact him.

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