Monday, June 19, 2006

Anti-Hunters: PETA's Latest Stunt: Barbecuing A Corpse

I never have copied articles into this blog that I have not written myself. However, today I overlook that rule. I believe that as many people as possible should know how twisted PETA & Co. are.

The article is written by the well known and respected outdoor writer Mike Hanback who has authored many books and magazine articles and appeared on Mossy Oak’s and Realtree’s television shows and videos. Mike Hanback also has his own Blog, the Mike Hanback's Big Buck Zone, from which this article has been taken.

PETA's Latest Stunt: Barbecuing A Corpse
By Mike Hanback

Now I have heard everything…this from PETA’s website today:

Hoping to prompt the Laramie, WY lunch crowd into realizing that whether fish, foul—or even Frank!—a corpse is a corpse, PETA will slather a 10-gallon-hat-wearing effigy of a cowboy with barbecue sauce and pretend to cook "him" on a mock grill downtown today from 12 to 1 PM. PETA’s point? That all animals are made of flesh, bone, and blood, just as humans are, and that eating meat entails eating the corpse of an animal who was an individual with feelings, a family, and a distinct personality. In addition to the "human barbecue," activists will hold signs that read, "Meat Is Murder," and give out delicious vegetarian riblet sandwiches to curious passersby.

"People are understandably revolted by the idea of eating a human corpse, which is exactly why they should also lose their appetites at the thought of eating any animal’s corpse—to smell them cooking, you can’t tell the difference," says PETA’s Mike Brazell.

As long as there are nuts like this running around in America, we hunters and fishermen had damn sure better stop fussing and fighting amongst ourselves and stick together.

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