Saturday, June 17, 2006

Misc.: Feeling Creative

I have had this blog for just over one year now and used the ready made up templates provided by Blogger. However, recently I have been thinking how to give this blog a more personal note. With the help of my lovely wife Heidi, a graphic designer and photographer, I finally got my own head banner. By the way, if you love art and good photography you should visit Heidi's website, Artemis Graphics & Design.

Having the banner I still needed some help with the html to make it work. With the help from some fine people at the About Write Forum I managed to give this blog the current look it has now. After all this was done I have to say that I am quit pleased with how this blog turned out. After tweaking and modifying a few other things on the settings and the template I managed to make the blog also more user friendly for you, the visitor to this blog.

While I was doing this and having some time on my hands with nothing better to do I began to surf the web to look for outdoor releated resources. As I am sure you are aware of it, there is plentiful information about hunting, fishing and the outdoors in general on the Internet. But I have been spesifically searching for other blogs related to the outdoors and more particular to hunting and fishing.

While it is true that today everybody and their uncle seems to have a blog or online journal, this seems not so much to be the case for the outdoor community. But the few blogs and web-journals in the blogosphere that I have found have merit for a closer look and spend some time reading them. In the following I am offering you a list of blogs that I have found to be particular noteworthy, be it that they offer valuable information for the hunter, fisher and enthusiastic outdoors person or simply for their entertainment value. What all these blogs have in common is the fact that they share the love and appreciation of the great outdoors.

One of the first blogs I came across and that impresseed me was Ron' Journal. This blog is mainly about photography and archery but also many other subjects around the great outdoors.

Another well and frequent written blog is Jim Braaten's Sportsmans Blog. Jim Braaten writes about all hunting and fishing subjects and offers a wealth of valuable information, including wild game cooking recipes.

Another impressieve blog I stopped by to read more is from Dave Richey. Richey is a well-known outdoor writer. He seems to have a passion and humor that is truly inspiring and he loves writing on his blog and passing on his wealth of knowledge with daily new postings.

I am sure that I left out a lot of other blogs and perhaps will report about the one or other here in the future. If you find a hunting, fishing ot outdoors blog that you think I need to check out drop me a line and let me know or leave a comment here.

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