Tuesday, July 25, 2006

News: Petition against the World Hunting Association

By now everybody knows about the travesty that is the World Hunting Association. Although they use the term “hunting” it has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting. Capturing livestock deer on a farm is not hunting. The ideals of the WHA are at best highly unethical and these not only according to the hunter ethics code but also according to the veterinary ethics code.

Every veterinarian, wildlife biologist and wildlife researcher cringes at the very idea that tranquilizer drugs are used for fun without serving any medical or research purpose. Tranquilized animals are not unconscious they are just immobilized, meaning they are still fully aware what goes on around them. Suffering stress, anxiety and panic are common, and often fatal, side effects of tranquilizing animals. In fact what the WHA plans to do constitutes cruelty to animals for the purpose entertainment.

As ethical hunters we cannot stand by and watch this happen. Hunters form around the world are opposed to this travesty and blatant abuse of our hunting heritage. We never asked for a catch and release entertainments show in which animals are made to suffer for money. Thousands of hunters have voiced their disgust that ultimately was the cause for all WHA sponsors to pull their support. The WHA has no support in the hunting community and the hunting industry whatsoever. Despite it the WHA is determined to go ahead as planned and give our hunting heritage a bad name in the public eye.

It therefore is now time to sign a petition and force the WHA so listen to the voice of the vast majority and draw the conclusions from it ones and for all. Please take the time and sign the petition against the World Hunting Association, by visiting the link below.

To: World Hunting Association
To: All White-Tail Deer Hunters, Outdoor Gear Manufacturers, all outdoor products vendors, Outdoor Publications, Outdoor Writers and Hunting Forums.

David Farbman, Commissioner and CEO of the new, so called World Hunting Association, (WHA) has outraged hunters all across the United States by announcing his plans to conduct what they call a non-lethal hunting tournament. In effect, they intend to have dart and release deer hunting tournaments, in which the deer will be shot with medicines to tranquilize the animal, to then be scored and judged, before being revived, and released back into the “wilds” of the high fence area the hunts will take place.

The entire hunting community has made it clear in no uncertain terms, that this plan by Farbman and the WHA is unacceptable, and in no way represents any in our ranks who support only fair chase, ethical hunting. Most, if not all sponsors have pulled their names and support from this blight on the hunting world, and outdoor companies and hunters alike are most vocal in their outrage over the inception of this ridiculous idea.
Read the full version and sign the petition here.

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