Wednesday, July 05, 2006

News: WHA dragged into the Court?

Yesterday I reported about the fake science statement with which the World Hunting Association tries to give itself off as a sincere hunting company. In that post I also said that “They simply don’t get it”. Well they might get it now. Today I read the following news clip in the Washington Times.

Eastman not sponsoring WHA -- On June 21, I wrote about the World Hunting Association (WHA) and its plans to begin global hunting contests with contestants using weapons that employ tranquilizers, rather than deadly bullets. It sounded as if the WHA wanted to begin a kind of "catch-and-release" hunting method. The WHA's announcement included a statement that said Eastman Outdoors, the makers of famous Carbon Express arrows and other products, would be one of its corporate sponsors. Not so, says Eastman. "I want to let you know that neither Eastman Outdoors, Inc., nor Gorilla Treestands sponsors the WHA," said Julie Legeret, marketing assistant for Eastman.
Legeret added that David Farbman, the president of the WHA, listed Eastman as a sponsor without its consent or a signed sponsorship agreement.
"We strongly disagree with the World Hunting Association and we want consumers to know that," Legeret said.

This should be enough to “kill” the World Hunting Association. It’s about time too, because I am eager to report about other hunting and fishing issues and happenings. Like about Brian Warner who is an amazing person and wood craftsman. He uses his talents to carve the most beautiful fishing lures and game calls that I only can describe as pieces of art. Stay tuned to read more about Brian Warner and his amazing talent very soon and right here.

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