Sunday, October 15, 2006

How fast opinions can change!

My wife and I did our usual weekly shopping trip to the supper-store. This is a good time for me to browse trough the releases of hunting and fishing magazines on the newsstand. My eyes fixated on what seems to be a new hunting magazine aimed toward crossbow hunters. Of course I picked the Petersen’s Crossbow Hunting up and took a glance at it. My eyes almost popped out of the head when I read the names of well-known outdoor writers as regular contributors to the magazine.

What surprised me was the fact that quit a few of this big writer names used not so long ago their pen and influence to ridicule crossbow hunting while others used their popularity to become politically active in an effort to ban crossbows as a legal means to hunt with. Now I read headlines like, “Top Ten crossbow hunting spots” and “Review of the best Crossbows on the Market Today”. In short, all this anti-crossbow writers now have turned into crossbow hunting experts and proudly pose with a crossbow over a trophy buck they harvested with the very weapon they condemned only a short few years ago. How fast opinions can change! Some of the articles where not even new, I have read them years ago in bow hunting magazines, only now they have been rewritten to suit crossbow hunting. That is one way to recycle old articles.

However, I am not bitter, no, I am actually very happy that the crossbow finally becomes acceptable and it wont be long now when the crossbow will be legal in every single U.S. State, like it is for many years in Canada, as legal hunting weapon for all hunters and not only for disabled hunters. It’s about high time too!


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