Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bear Hybrid Update

In an earlier article I reported about the problems Jim Martell faced when he (legally) shoot a rare Polar-Grizzly bear hybrid. Today, almost five moths later I am happy to bring you a follow up.

Jim Martell shot the bear in April on a remote Arctic island. The trophy is now en route to Martell's home to join the five bighorn sheep, two brown bears and a black bear he already has.
The bear left Yellowknife this week, after a taxidermist spent the last seven months stuffing and mounting it in preparation for its journey to a tiny Idaho town of 1,400 people.

"I wanted it (mounted) like I saw him (when it was shot)," Martell said Thursday from his office in Glenns Ferry, a town about 100 kilometres east of Boise.

Read the full story here.

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