Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mom sues over rejection of yearbook photo

This is the headline I stumbled upon today. Reading the article I was left with shaking my head in disbelieve and asking myself, “How far will some of us go to enforce the political correctness b…s…?

Here is what happened. The Portsmouth High School refused to include a photo in the yearbook of Patrick Agin, 17. The reason. Agin belongs to the Society for Creative Anachronism and thought it would be cool to pose in medieval regalia including a heavy sword. Look at the picture and tell me if this depicts violence. No! I didn’t think so either.

But that is exactly what the schools principal agues. The picture, so the principal said is against the schools zero-tolerance policy, which does not permit to promote weapons and violence. However, principal Robert Littlefield told Agin he could pay to put the photo in the advertising section of the book, but he would not allow it as Agin's senior portrait.

Talk about double morals here. I guess it is not appropriate to display weapons in the yearbook unless you pay for it to be displayed. I am no fan of lawsuits but in this case I hope the mother of Patrick Agin will win the lawsuit against the school. This political correct stupidity we teach our children has got to stop. By the way the school mascot is a Revolutionary War soldier carrying a musket. Talk about double standards.

You can read the full article here.

Here is what the civil liberties organization, who helps Agin to file a lawsuit against the school, had to say: “It’s a perfect example of bureaucratic ridiculousness,” said Steven Brown, executive director of the Rhode Island branch of the organization. “We have had zero-tolerance cases before, one where a district punished a kindergartner for bringing in a butter knife, and another where a school suspended two first graders who brought a toy ray gun. But this case is even more ridiculous, since Patrick was not even bringing the weapon to school.”

You can read that article here.

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