Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Treebark® Camouflage is Back

Today hunters take it for granted to choose between hundreds of different camouflage patterns but that has not always been the case. In fact, before 1972 the only camouflage available to hunters was army woodland camo. In 1972 Jim Crumley changed the way hunters dressed. Jim Crumley, wanted to be able to hunt more effectively in the forests of his home state of Virginia. Unhappy with traditional military camouflage, he began, simply enough, by dabbing splotches of brown dye on some gray work clothes to match his surroundings. After two years of increased hunting success, he meticulously applied a bark pattern with magic marker. Soon, other hunters were pestering him for the new outfits.

The original printed Trebark® was created in 1980, with that modern hunter camouflage was born. Since then hunter camouflage has come a long way. Today we can choose from many different patterns resembling just about any possible environment we are likely to hunt.

In all the hype about the new camouflage patterns Treebark® went away and almost forgotten. But thanks to Jim Crumely Treeback® is back once again and that is a good thing too. The original Treebark® camouflage is available on Jim’s website www.outfittertuff, go over there and get you some of this historical camouflage, it’s still one of the best patterns for hunting in forests and brush land.

Jim Crumley is not only the inventor of the first hunter camouflage but also the first to have invented a procedure to fully camouflage your rifles and bows with the camouflage pattern of your choice. While you at it check Jim’s Second Skin Website out too.

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