Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stryker Crossbow by Bow Tech

Just saw an advertising flyer on the new Styker Corssbow and I have to say they have some strange way of advertising.

Right there on the front is a warning that reads; “Warning do not attempt to operate Stryker before reading the following…” Okay it’s the usual warning I think. But then I read on; “The Stryker Crossbow creates testosterone…” followed by more of that.

So…if women shoot this crossbow do they grow facial hair?

Next in bold letters; Danger Highly Explosive. “What the heck” I think, “what about the people who do not read past that point.

Who is doing the advertising for this company? I got a tad upset thinking that the advertising does not speak in favor of the product or Bow Tech, the makers of the Stryker. But then the lights went on in my head. Hang on a minute, that is smart advertising. In fact it is part of a very clever advertising plot that started sometime last year.

Last year, out of the blue, we heard talk about a new crossbow called Stryker. Nobody knew who manufactured that bow and nobody knew if it is already on the market or not. It did not take long to create a buzz on the Internet and became the most talked about topic on hunting forums. Then finally a website was mentioned and everybody visited it, but there was nothing to see other than a static picture of a very stylish and mean looking crossbow and a big countdown clock.

More speculations and rumors followed, until at the end of 2006 here it was, the Stryker, the worlds most modern Crossbow manufactured by Bow Tech. There is still no exact data available other than that the Stryker is a very powerful crossbow. The only specs I could find are that the crossbow can generate speeds of up to 402fps and has a price tag of a little over 1,000.

If you have any reliable news and specs on this crossbow let me know.

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