Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bass Master

Just before I had problems with my blog log in I met a bass master on another blog. Among the bloggers it is considered common courtesy to visit each other. It’s also a great way to snap up news from different sources.

Rich Lingren, is a bass tournament fisher and avid outdoors man. The list of his fishing tournament achievements is too long to fit in the space provided here. But if you really want to know check his website out.

If one the other hand you want to learn how catch bass and what Rich’s secrets are then you can’t go wrong by visiting Rich’s Bassin’ Blog. The subtitle of the blog; “This is the place to read about tips & techniques and ask all your burning bassin' questions that you may have.....” says it all.

Talking about fishing, - What else is there to talk about after the hunting season closes? – there is one more blog worthwhile to stop by.

Idaho Fishin' Times Blog, is the home for Idaho's interactive angler. If it is Fishin' News in Idaho, you will more than likely read about it here. If you fish the wonderful waters of Idaho, or, plan to fish in our area then drop in and see what's new on the Blog. Feel free to add your comments, and fishing tidbits to the discussions. Enjoy talking fishing with others who have commented on the Blog. Looking forward to hearing from you!

If you scroll down this page and keep an eye on the right hand panel you will see a category called, Blogroll. In that category you will find many links that take you to different reputable hunting and fishing related blogger links. Visit them read the information available and say hello.

Happy Fishing!

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HellaBass said...

Thanks for the favorable review ;) Do not forget about the Bass Fishing Tackle Blog


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