Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Blog Buzz #1 Edition

The Blog Buzz is a new addition to this blog. Let me explain what it is. Ever so often I come up with an instantaneous idea that hits me like a hammer. There are many good outdoor related blogs on the Internet providing superb information on all aspects of hunting and fishing and that gave me the idea to create the Blog Buzz. Periodically I will post about other outdoor blogs with a link and a short description of the article that I found to be of interest to a wider reader base.

Here is the first edition of Blog Buzz.

Black Bear Blog

Oregon Property Owners Being Stripped Of Rights
Oregon lawmakers, with the encouragement of the Humane Society of the United States, are systematically going about stripping landowners from their rights to own property and have the freedom to do as they choose on their land. This is another disgusting attempt by government and out of touch with reality animal rights psychopaths to bully their way into private lives and private enterprise…
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Sportsman’s Blog

Eye Protection not just for the Shooting Sport
…Serious injuries resulting in permanent blindness or suffering severe impairment can result from a fishhook errantly casted causing direct contact with the eye. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be a fishhook…in fact, a heavy sinker can even cause the damage…
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Hunt Smart Think Safety

The gun isn’t the Problem
…When a senseless tragedy like this happens, people immediately try to figure out how something like this could have been avoided. As always, when the event involves shooting deaths and injuries, an easy target is the gun...
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Outdoor Odyssey

This story has been passed down through my family for well over 100 years. I have heard it from my Dad and his Brothers and Sisters. Brinson and Fannie Bryan, who were living near Riesel, Texas, McLennan County, were my paternal Great Grandparents and their son, Peyton Bryan, was my paternal Grandfather.
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Hunting Memories of the Past

Hunting Early Morning Deer
The third weekend of rifle season had arrived and I was ready for a break from work. I got up early on Saturday morning and was ready to go kill a deer but had to stop first and pick up one of my hunting buddies.
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Hunting Life

World Conservation Force
Conservation Force is one of those organizations that is leading the fight for hunting rights and for the conservation of animals! They have the best interests of hunters and wildlife in mind with everything they do…
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Kristine Shreve said...


I love this idea, and not just because you included one of my posts. I do appreciate the mention though.


deerslayer said...

Thanks for the mention in your first edition Mr. Othmar and it is a great idea which should create alot of talk for everyone and give us all more insight on the hunting around the world. You've got one of the best websites I've seen and I really enjoy coming by for some great reading and viewing facts. Please keep up the great work and glad your back online again from your move hope all went well for you.

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