Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre

I am sure by now everybody in America and the world is aware of the heinous massacre at Virginia Tech, Virginia. A lone, mad gunman had taken the lives of 32 people before he shot himself. As I write these paragraphs, the blame game has started and fingers are pointed and no doubt this game will carry on for the next few days if not weeks.

As a responsible firearm owner my heart and sympathy goes out to the people and their families that lost loved ones in this tragic and unnecessary bloodbath. There is also no doubt in my mind that the anti-gun lobby will exploit this tragedy in all its gory details to further their political agenda. They will, as in the past, not shy back from lumping us together with the feeble minded criminals that commit such heinous atrocities.

It is situations like this where we have to be on our guard and make sure the people at large learn that legal and law abiding firearm owners are NOT responsible for such crimes and that owning firearms does NOT contribute to such crimes.

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Kristine Shreve said...

This was a terrible tragedy and one that stricter gun laws would not have prevented. The person who did the shooting obviously had no trouble breaking the law that makes murder a crime. He most likely wouldn't have had any trouble breaking a law that makes having a gun illegal either.

As I said on my blog when I wrote about this, a gun is just a tool. What makes it a force for good or evil is the intention of the person holding the gun.

Othmar Vohringer said...

You’re absolutely right. Take Australia, for example, a country that adopted a very strict gun-control law. Within 12 month of the law introduction violent crime with guns went up sky high. Even here in Canada where we have a strict gun control law too, we have more gun related crime than in America. On the other end of the scale take Switzerland, my birth country. We have no gun control laws whatsoever. In fact if you’re a Swiss citizen you can buy any firearm you want, even get an assault rifle on loan from the armed forces. Each household has at least one assault rifle plus several other firearms stored in wardrobes under the bed and other places. Yet violent crime is so rare in Switzerland that if it happens it makes headline news for weeks. The Swiss are also expressly permitted by the Constitution to use arms as a means of self-defense. Owning guns legally has a direct influence on low crime rates.

But try to tell this plain commonsense to the gun control supporters. It is them that would have us believe that guns kill people and not people.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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