Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blog Buzz #3

We have a long weekend here in British Columbia, and every year without fail, it is a cold rainy weekend. Weather like this does not animate me in the least bit to even leave the house. So I thought that would be a perfect time to cruise the Internet visiting the blogs on my blogroll to gather up some new material for my Blog Buzz Edition # 3.

Here is what I came up with for this edition, information and stories of fellow bloggers and outdoors enthusiast that I think are worth a special mention here.

Hunt Smart Think Safety

Safety Friday

Last week I mentioned that I was planning to add a new feature to this blog. This week marks the beginning of Safety Fridays. Since my company is dedicated to helping hunters be safer when they hunt, it seemed only natural that we do one post a week that is dedicated entirely to hunting, fishing or outdoors safety tips and hints…Read more>

Southern Adventures

Baiting deer and the mixed feeling among hunter.

Here in North Carolina hunting deer over bait is legal and practiced amongst many. However, visit any local blog or forum and you’ll soon realize that the feelings that come with discussing hunting over bait is very diverse even in a state where it is legal. You are bound to read a hundred different reasons why some approve as well as a hundred or so from the ones against it. Seems Mississippi is in the same boat…Read more>

Jeff’s Outdoor Notebook

To Mother

Last year, I wrote a tribute to my original outdoor mentor, my Dad, for Father's Day.
So it's only fitting I give my mother equal time for Mother's Day, even though she didn't have as much to do with my development as a sportsmen.

Actually my mother figures into one of my earliest outdoor memories, one of my earliest memories period, in fact. I clearly recall one time when I was no older than two, we were on a family vacation on a lake in Maine…Read more>

Black Bear Blog

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

We all love to bitch and complain. It isn’t often that we run into someone who rarely, if ever, speaks unkind words. But let’s face it, we all have a certain amount of complaining to do and that includes second guessing. Why do we complain? Mostly because we are dissatisfied. And why are we dissatisfied? Various reasons I would assume.
Let’s examine the whining, complaining, moaning, groaning and even lawsuits in Pennsylvania over whitetail deer management. Are there too many deer? Are there not enough deer? Are the deer stripping the forests of vegetation? Does the Pennsylvania Game Commission know what they’re doing? Should they all be fired? Do the politicians have a clue? How much of a role, if any, should politics play in managing whitetail deer or any other wild creature for that matter? …Read more>

The Fledgling Fly Fisher

Fly Fish Fanatics Five Fabulous Flies

I figured that it was about time to start listing some of my favorite/deadly flies to use for Trout in the lakes of western North America. These are flies that I will not leave home without when going to any of the lakes in western Canada and the western parts of the USA.
Flies are a man made representation of the food that these fish eat. The types of food varies from region to region and from lake to lake depending on many factors. Trout will target different insects depending on what type of insect is hatching at the lake at the time you are fishing.
These hatches can change in timing depending on many factors, some of these are…Read more>
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Jon said...

Good posts! I've been gone for almost a week and it requires a lot of time to catch up.

When I retired I had no idea I'd have to keep a calendar.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for mentioning us. The links don't seem to be working though.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Problem is fixed now.


Doug Skinner said...

Just found your site. Good stuff, I've been searching for an outdoor related blog that posts regularly...Seems like this is the place! It'll be a great addition to my roll.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks for the comment. I am glad you enjoyed the articles. Now that the links work you can visit the blogs and read the full story.

Hi Kristine.
I do not know what happened. When I put the links in they looked fine to me. When you kindly alerted me that the links don’t work I went back and checked, for some strange reason the html code was all messed up. It only took me a minute to fix it.

Dough Skinner.
Thank you for the kind words about my blog and welcome to my blogroll and a big thank you for putting my link on your very interesting blog. I have been looking for more fishing sites to put in my blogroll.

I do try and post everyday. The last three days I have been a bit sluggish. My excuse is that I suffered one of my worst migraine attacks in years that simply sucked all the steam right out of me. I suffer from this incurable illness since childhood, but that was one of the worst I ever experienced. I am good now and the steam is building slowly up.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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