Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Canadian Barber Shop

My wife took this picture on a stroll through our new home town Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

This is the original quote my wife
posted with the picture on her Internet Art Gallery.
My husband and I were walking down the main drag of Maple Ridge and I caught site of all the mounts on the wall- then realized it was a barbershop!
The lady inside told us how they acquired some of the pieces while I took photos. I think this is such a classic Canadian image.
Maple Ridge is a typical frontier town, where the town border ends the wilderness begins. Everybody here hunts or knows of someone that is a hunter. How could I not love to live here? In fact I feel like I am in heaven.

When I saw that barbershop on our walk through town, I exclaimed happily, “Honey, love of my life, from now on THIS is where I go when I need a haircut.”

The photograph shows only one wall, there is more on the opposite wall. Can you see how many different game species are on display here? I’ll give you a hint. All the animals are typically found here in British Columbia.

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Cliff said...

If the town I live in had a barber shop like this one, I think I'd have to make it where I got my hair cut as well. What great decor to look at while getting a buzz.

As for the number of different species, I'm going to take a jab at guessing and say ten. It's a little hard to get a count of how many mounts and what species they are, but ten looks about right.


Anonymous said...

Can't even begin to guess the number of species, but it is a very cool picture.

Looks like Maple Ridge has character.

Phillip said...

Sounds like you're living in paradise, Othmar! Too far from a warm ocean for me, but it still sounds awesome!

matt said...

Looks like a town I'd like to visit.

Michele said...

I love everything about British Columbia. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful province. That is exactly what this home is all about. Great post!
Fishing Fiesta

Othmar Vohringer said...

Cliff- Sorry about the small picture. Just for you I will spill the beans, everybody else skip this comment and keep guessing. From left to right, Mountain Goat, Big Mule Deer Buck, Mallard Duck (male), Grouse, Salmon, Moose, Pheasant (partially hidden behind moose), Black Bear, another Mule Deer Buck and Dall’s Sheep.

Kristine- Maple Ridge has a lot of character, like most small towns everywhere in North America where people are still able see the night sky and surrounded by true nature.

Phillip- To me it is almost like paradise here. Here in the southern part of British Columbia the climate is very mild, even in the winter. We’re only an hour, or less, drive away from the Pacific Ocean. But yes, it’s not as warm as in southern California.

Matt- It’s a pretty town with lots of old wooden buildings. In fact Hollywood often comes here to film small town or wild-west scenes. Have you ever watched Smallville on TV? It’s all filmed in this area.

Michele- When I left my home Switzerland I was sad because I thought that I never would see another country that beautiful. In the past 30 years I traveled around the world most of the time homesick. Then my wife took me to British Columbia as soon I left the plane in Vancouver I thought I was back in Switzerland. After living here for four years now, I am still awed of the beauty and vistas that present themselves at every turn.

My wife has taken many landscape and wildlife photographs from the area here. In the near future she will post a few of these pictures here.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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