Sunday, July 22, 2007

Crossbow Hunting Poll Results

The recent crossbow hunting poll, “Should Crossbows be Legal During Archery Season”, posted on this forum turned out to be a complete surprise for me. The results showed that 80% of voters are in favor of crossbows in the archery season, while only a dwindling minority of 20% voted “No”. Would I have conducted this poll two years ago the results would have been in total reverse.

It is interesting to note how quickly opinions can change, in this case in a positive direction. No longer do I have to fear that an angry anti-crossbow mob will send me hate mail or threatens to track me down every time I speak out in favor of crossbows. No longer feel crossbow hunters isolated and looked upon like traitors. In fact many states begin to consider seriously of making crossbows legal for all hunters during archery season or create a special crossbow season.

Perhaps hunters begin to realize that we need more hunters in the field to control an ever growing deer population. Or that alienating hunters because of their choice of hunting style and tactics does nothing to further our cause, quite the opposite it will backfire on all of us. I am convinced that factual information about crossbows in recent years has also contributed to the positive attitude toward crossbows we experience today.

In order to help me in finding out more about my readers and their likes or dislikes I have created two new hunting polls. In the poll “What do you hunt?” I would like to know what game animals are you favorite to pursue. Are you a big game hunter? An Upland Bird Hunter? Or is waterfowl that gets you all hyped up? Tell me in the poll.

In the next poll you’re asked what type of weapon you prefer. My favorite is the compound bow followed by muzzleloader. What’s your favorite? The shotgun? Or the much hyped AR-15, also called “black rifle”? I am looking forward to the outcome of the polls, which in turn will help me to understand my blog visitors better and what they would like to read.

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Phillip said...

Good poll, but I'm not too surprised at the results, actually.

At least for myself, I don't favor any type of all-inclusive ban. There are cases where I think the crossbow is appropriate during archery season, and cases where I would prefer to see the use limited to gun season only.

I could spend pages explaining my own reasoning here, but the bottom line is that the crossbow has a place in the hunting world... exactly where that place is creates the discussion, though.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks for stopping by Phillip and post your valued comment.

The reason I was surprised is that only a few short years ago the mention of crossbows would have created a storm, not to mention connecting the crossbow with the archery season.

I have never hunted with a crossbow yet, but as more states make it legal for all hunters I might give it a try just for the heck of it. I agree wholeheartedly with you last statement that crossbows have a place in the hunting world but may not be suitable in every archery season. The point I am trying to make is that I don’t care in what season the crossbow hunters can take part.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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