Thursday, July 05, 2007

In The News

N.C. fisherman reels in a piranha
A fisherman looking to catch a catfish for dinner instead reeled in a fish that flashed its teeth and bit his knife. Jerry Melton, 46, was fishing in the Catawba River last week when he caught what state wildlife officials later identified as a piranha, a South American carnivorous fish that lives in freshwater.
"When I got it on the bank I didn't really know what it was; I hadn't seen anything like it before," Melton said.
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Cowboy trooper lassos, rescues deer
All Jim Collom had left to do was pick up a guitar and sing as he rode off into the sunset.
Collom, an Oregon State Police trooper, turned cowboy Saturday by lassoing and rescuing a black-tailed deer that fell into an abandoned mine shaft outside of Jacksonville.
With the help of Arild Barrett and his two sons, Collom was able to toss his makeshift lariat around the buck's velvet antlers and haul the deer out of the 20-foot-deep shaft.
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Deer shakes up video shoppers
He might have wanted a copy of the Deer Hunter or a buck refund, but whatever it was, a deer who walked into Roger's Video Saturday afternoon got more than he bargained for.
The deer was spotted strolling around Caulfield Village in West Vancouver at 2:13 p.m. when he sauntered through the open front doors of the video store on Headland Drive.
He soon realized the buck stops here when he couldn't find his way back outside, scaring not only himself but the customers in the shop.
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Matt said...

Thanks for turning us to on to these interesting tidbits.

Editor said...

I have a temp webring for the outdoor bloggers on my site. hopefully we can use it for the Summit page. Take a look, give me some input, please.

Jon said...

Good post and good info! I'm glad you got the glitch fixed!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Matt, I am glad you found the “In the News” section informative. This is an edition I stared a few months back on my blog. Unfortunately Blogger does not support categories and so the other “In the News” columns are buried somewhere in the archives.

Rex, I have seen the webring on your blog and think it is a good idea. By the way, you and the other Outdoor Bloggers Summit committee members should head to the SHS Hunting Chat Forum and have a look at the new logo my wife designed and vote on it, she did a tremendous job of it.

Jon, This, besides a few other issues, is what bugs me most about Blogger. Sometimes Blogger does things to the post that are not supposed to be happening, such as messing with the links I put up. Other times this software gives me a heck of a time to upload pictures, other times it Blogger is down without any advance warning when you in the middle of posting. I am thinking more and more of changing to another provider. It is very likely that ones my website is up and running I will incorporate the blog in that website and go with wordpress. All I have to figure out is how to move the content from this blog to the new version.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Ivan T. said...

I fish a lot of piranhas (piraƱas in spanish) in the peruvian rain forrest.

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