Saturday, July 28, 2007

Newkirk Steamed over Fried Fish

Sometimes I wonder about the animal rights movement if they’re are still sane. Of course it also could be, and that is more likely, that PETA is just a media whore. These people will do whatever it takes to stay in the press. Here is another example of this fact. It’s laughable how low Ingrid Newkirk will stoop to get media attention, but then again, what do you expect from a middle aged person that has been arrested several times in the past years for running in her birthday suit in the streets of inner cities.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk is steamed about a fundraising slogan for an anti-capital punishment campaign that reads, “Fry Fish, Not People.”

There was probably smoke coming out of Newkirk’s ears when she heard the slogan that Alaskans Against the Death Penalty are using to raise money. Her organization sent a letter to the anti-death penalty group asking that it adopt a new motto - “Fry Onions, Not People.”

PETA’s letter said, “Serving the corpses of animals at an anti-death penalty event is like serving cigarettes at an anti-cancer fundraiser.” It went on to demand that the group also change its menu for an annual fish fry, urging them to serve vegetarian dishes.


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Anonymous said...

PETA clearly has a screw loose. They're like a lot of organizations, they worry about the little, unimportant things and let the big things pass them right by. Kind of sad, when you think about it.

Othmar Vohringer said...

“PETA clearly has a screw loose.” That is exactly what PETA wants us to think, these organizations love controversy because it makes for good press. PETA and cohorts are very clever business people. They don’t give a rat’s hairy behind about animal welfare. In fact PETA kills more pets in their shelter than any other shelter of this kind.

“…they worry about the little, unimportant things and let the big things pass them right by….” You got that right but these little things make them millions of dollars annually and that is what PETA is after. Money! Besides PETA & Co couldn’t take part in larger important issues if they wanted too. The simple fact is, and people need to realize that. Animal rights haven’t got a clue about wildlife, habitat and conservation. Their agenda is based on emotions, wishful thinking and Walt Disney dreams. It is with emotions that they make money not with knowledge.

-Othmar Vohringer-

darrell said...

Yep, its all about sensationalism and grabbing headlines. Fortunately, it is hard for any reasonable person to take a complete quack (or a quack of an organization) seriously. Unfortunately, they get enough press to allow the unreasonable people to find them and yes, send them big fat checks.

Othmar Vohringer said...

You're spot on Darrell. By the way, Bill Gates sends PETA and the American Humane Society big fat checks too.

Maybe one day I will feel bold a publish a list of all the big names of "unreasonable" people that waist their money on PETA & Co.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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