Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sponsor Update

After many months of hard work Heirloom Custom Turkey Calls has the website up and running. Regular readers of this blog and my other blog Wild Turkey Fever, may have read my Heirloom Custom Turkey Call review and are familiar with the top quality calls this company produces. Heirloom Turkey Calls are pieces of art and sound so good even a turkey can’t tell the difference.

On the new website you can see the full line up of calls on offer. From the quality everyday use calls to the custom and collector calls it's all there. For this fall Heirloom has come up with new calls designed to lure in the fall gobblers. The website also has a feature where you can ask the Heirloom Pro-Staff, of which I am a proud member, questions about turkey calling and get the latest turkey hunting tips from the pros plus many other features for the avid turkey hunter. Inquire about or book one of my turkey calling seminar at the Heirloom website or by contacting me directly.

Of course you also can purchase turkey calls in the online store. Inquire about becoming a Heirloom Turkey Call dealer on the website or contact me.

Visit Heirloom Custom Turkey Calls now!

Kristine informs me of some great news for her company. The Sportsman’s Guide, one of the largest hunting equipment stores, will carry the Gunslinger in their online fall catalog. This is quite an achievement for a young company and I would like to extend my congratulations to Gun Safety Innovation and all the dedicated people working there to produce and market a super product. Of course you still can purchase the Gunslinger directly on the Gun Safety Innovations website too. You can read my product review here.

Gun Safety Innovations welcomes dealer inquiries. More information can be found on the website.

Visit Gun Safety Innovations LLC now!

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Ivan T. said...

Congratulations to Heirloom Custom Turkey Calls. I look the web and it is very good!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for helping to spread the news about Sportsman's Guide.

Did you see that you've been awarded (two times now) the Power of Schmooze Award? Check out the GSI Blog and Idaho Fishin' Times.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Ivan, we all worked really hard to make the website look at its best. Heirloom simply makes the best turkey calls I have ever used in my turkey hunting career. Today I am a proud Pro-Staff member and field advisor of Heirloom Turkey Calls.

Your very welcome Kristine, I am so happy for you and your company for this chance. You folks work really hard on the gunslinger.

Yes I have seen that you and Eagle Eye have awarded me with the coveted Power of Schmooze Award. I would not want you or others to think that I am ignorant. I will post about this award tomorrow. The past two weeks and ongoing are so busy at work that I have to work a lot of over time and on weekends too. I am starting to feel like a robot on autopilot struggling to stay awake long enough to have dinner with my family.

The good news is that we soon will be back to normal hours again and I will have more time for my family and blogging friends.

-Othmar Vohringer-

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