Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blog Buzz # 6

About Lady Hunters and Fishers

This edition of the Blog Buzz is dedicated to the many women that enter the outdoor bloggers fold. I am an avid supporter of different hunting groups such as women hunters among others. For too long the women were left out of our great hunting heritage. I still can fondly remember that my mother often would join my father on hunting trips. I also can remember that my mother was a bit of a novelty in the male dominated hunting camps. Luckily this has changed drastically over the last ten years or so.

Women not only have joined the hunting camps but also the fishing camps and they blog about it too. It is said, and I believe it, that woman are more sensible and thus often better hunters than the men are. It seems, gathering from reading their blog, that women also see the experience of hunting and fishing with somewhat different eyes than we do. Perhaps their experience could be best described as more wholesome. As we all know, nothing escapes a woman’s eye and that seems to hold true in hunting and fishing too. Women don’t seem to overlook that little flower blossoming on the wayside or the how the light reflects off the water - all the little things that make nature so intricately beautiful.

I am proud to see so many female outdoor bloggers and the fact that five of them are on my blogroll. Speaking of blogrolls: I have added a special group to the bloggroll called “Lady Hunters & Fishers” and here they are, enjoy:

Timber Life

The Wild Woods Woman

Hunt Smart Think Safety

Marian's Hunting Stories

Fishing Fiesta

Artemis Graphics & Design

The last link is not a blog. It is the website of my wife. She is not a hunter in the normal sense. Her weapon of choice is the camera with which she captures the beauty of nature and animals in stunning landscapes and wildlife pictures. As I have learned, photographers approach their quarry very much the same way as hunters do. In order to get the right shot a lot of scouting has to be done. So it is not that different from hunting – other than the choice of ‘weapon’!

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Marian said...

I appreciate the special recognition that you have given us lady hunters and for the link. I was in my mid-forties before I started hunting and so glad that I was given the opportunity by my 2nd husband. Hopefully, I will be able to hunt 20 more years! :)

Arthur said...


It's funny that you talked about the "eyes" the ladies have and how they notice everything.

The wife and I were out a couple days ago making sure our treestands were ready for season and she was extremely irritated she left her camera at home because she instructed me "there were a lot of beautiful, good looking flowers".

I honestly wouldn't have paid much attention to the flowers that much, but her eye caught it.

Love seeing all the ladies in the woods and in the water. Keep it up. I'm going to try and get the wife to start writing some posts. Hopefully I can convince her!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for spotlighting the "Ladies of the Outdoors". It's great to see that role models for young girls are popping up in the outdoor community.

Dana said...

Like Kristine said, Thank you for highlighting the outdoorsy women! I really do think there are more of us than the general population realizes. Last week I was in a meeting at work about a hunting advertising section coming up and they asked for a show of hands on who hunts. One guy raised his hand, and 2 of us women did. Granted, there were 3 men in the room, and 12 women, but I was still impressed. So thank you Othmar for encouraging the women on the web to figuratively raise their hands!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you all for stopping by. I am glad you all liked the posting.

Marian - I am sure you will be able to hunt for many years to come. Haven’t you heard? The outdoors keep you young and healthy!

Arthur – I experience that all the time with my wife. She always says “look here” or “have you seen that”.

It would be wonderful if you could get your wife to write a few articles on your blog.

Kristine – With all the negative influences surrounding our youth today we desperately need some positive influence. Hunters are good role models for children. It is through nature that children learn respect and how everything grows in harmony and balance. A day in the woods is better for relaxation than taking drugs.

Dana – You absolutely right, there are many more huntresses than we realize and the good news is that each year more join the hunting camps. According to the statistics women are the strongest growing segment in the hunting community.

When I started SHS (Smart Hunting Tactics) I made sure that my personal believe of supporting ALL segments of hunting for the good of the hunting community at large becomes a major part of my promotion. With that I support not only women hunters but also youth and novice hunters and the disabled hunters. Hunting is for everybody regardless of age, gender, race and ability.

To that end I would like to see some outdoor blogs written by young hunters too. I haven’t found one yet but I my eyes peeled.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Jon said...

Hey Othmar. I've been non blogging for the past 2 weeks and read this post, which is a good one! My Daughters and Wife love to hunt. One Daughter loves to fish, the other gets seasick, but both girls actively support their husbands and kids outdoor activities.

It depends on how they were raised!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Jon. I hope you wasn't ill or something horrible like that! It's nice if the whole family can go hunting together.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Frank Baron said...

Thanks Othmar. I've got some new blogs to keep to an eye on. :)

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Frank for stopping by. Yes there are a few great new blogs. As an avid fisher you really should check out “Fishing Fiesta” she is from British Columbia and has some great articles with great photographs to boot.

Talking about fishing:
The pinks are coming and I will go out and try to catch me a few. It will be my first time. I have read you outstanding book “What Fish Don’t Want You to Know” several times time but can’t find any secrets on how a salmon novice like me might have a chance on landing a fish. Any advice???? In other words, HELP!!!!

-Othmar Vohringer-

Jon said...

Othmar, Thanks for the concern! I'm very healthy and I was playing in a Senior Softball National Championship tournament in Manassas, Va. My team came in second in our age class.

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