Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Blog Statistics Can Tell You.

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Yesterday evening I took an evening off, meaning I did not spend two to three hours working and writing on the computer as usual. Well not quite, I did post two new articles, one on Whitetail Deer Passion about public land hunting strategies that have worked time and time again for me, and another article with fall turkey hunting strategies on the Wild Turkey Fever blog. Both articles feature a video clip to prove the point I am making in the article. I had the articles written a few days ahead so it was a simple copy/ paste affair.

For ones I spent time with my family and with my new rifle. I went shooting last Sunday and then the rifle went back to the gunsmith for a few minor customization changes before I shot some more on the range (more about that soon to come).

Since I had a bit time left I thought that it would be neat to explore my web statistic account and check out all the features it offers. You would be surprised to learn what information I can pull from the statistics about my visitors. One feature I came across is really neat. It tells me on hand of a map where my visitors come from and I thought it might interest you to too.

Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer receives visitor’s form around the world from as far as China and India. No big surprise here since this blog covers a lot of different topics that appeal to many different interest groups and not only hunters and fishers.

However, were it does get quite interesting is on Whitetail Deer Passion and Wild Turkey Fever

Most visitors on Whitetail Deer Passion come from America and Canada, but not from across the country. The bulk of the visitors are concentrated east of the Mississippi. A much smaller concentration of visitors comes from the west coast, California and British Columbia. In the middle of the map is a wide empty space. These are the prairie states of American and Canadia. I found that highly interesting. Could it be that most of my articles deal with public land hunting and the fact that east of the Mississippi are more hunters and deer than in the rest of America and Canada?

On the other hand the visitors on the Wild turkey Fever blog come from all over America and the west coast of Canada. To me that looks more obvious. British Columbia has a turkey hunting season for two years now and slowly it catches on with the hunters, hence the many visitors from my home province of hunters looking for turkey hunting information. It also shows the huge success of the turkey preservation program. Today the American wild turkey can be found across North America, even in states where they never had turkeys.

To me this discovery was quite helpful in that I now know what topic of seminars I have to promote in a particular area. I definitely will pay more attention in the future to my home province in promoting my turkey hunting seminars.

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deerPhD said...

Good points, Othmar...and I was wondering where you were!

I wonder if the middle USA gap is because of a lower population there? Maybe a mixture of factors, as you indicated.

Hope you enjoy your rifle!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks for stopping by Bryan. You’re maybe right. The middle part of America is not as densely populated as the east, be that with people or deer.


Kevin said...

I am addicted to the statistics so I know what you are talking about.. Keep up the good writing and word will travel to every state and your stats will just explode one day!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks for the kind words and encouragements Kevin. So far I am happy with the rate my blogs are growing in popularity.


Bill Anderson said...

Interesting observations. I will be sure to take a closer look at my own. Thanks for sharing!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Tanks for your visit and comment Bill. It is indeed very useful to explore all the information web statistics have to offer. Of course the availability of options can vary from one to the next statistics provider. StatCounter, the one I use, offers a lot of information and even more if you go with the paid version.


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