Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Anti-Hunting Message in the School

One expects to find homework and text books in a child’s book bag or backpack. But shoved in with the essay questions and times tables tests, parents must keep an eye out for anti-hunting propaganda.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the nation’s largest anti-hunting group, distributes KIND News to at least 35,000 classrooms each month. The November edition encourages readers, which total more than a million children in grades K-6, to become activists and promote federal legislation that will ban polar bear hunting.

“Through this classroom publication and other resources, animal rightists are trying to convince our children to take up the sword for the anti-hunting movement,” said Bud Pidgeon, USSA president. “It’s entry-level activism. The HSUS directs children to talk about animal rights issues being voted on locally and nationally, contact lawmakers to affect change, and ‘live peacefully’ with and not ‘disturb’ wildlife.”

The HSUS has cleverly disguised its anti-hunting agenda and slipped it into classrooms. The little newspapers appear benign, but the content is far from it.
“Teachers, parents and adults must keep track of the animal rights propaganda that is making its way into our schools as ‘humane education,’” said Pidgeon. “If your child brings home a newsletter or worksheet provided by an anti-hunting group, contact your child’s teacher and principal.”

Source: U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance

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Wags said...

Another way to combat the problem is to provide kids with pro-hunting material. I wrote a book that does that called My First Deer Hunt, and there are several other good titles out there. I intentionally left weapons out of the photos and text of my story so it is impossible for schools to protest the subject matter. The interesting thing I've found is that teachers are often excited to share the story.

Marc - Founder and Editor of said...

I hate the fact that they're actually handing out anti-hunting pamphlets at schools, but I know it's true. When I was in high school I wrote an essay for one of my teachers titled "Why Hunter's Kill" and he loved it, read it to all of his classes, and tried to get it published in a school magazine (which was ultimately shot down because the person in charge was anti-hunting). I agree that we need to get pro-hunting information into schools and educate children of our sport so we can have a long future hunting.

Denise1021 said...

I'm outraged that the HSUS is teaching our children to love and respect nature! How can children grow up to be responsible adults if they're not exposed to guns and murder?

Othmar Vohringer said...

Wags – I have visited your website and have to say what a fantastic idea you had with your children hunting book. Absolutely brilliant! We need more hunters and writers like you.

Marc – Kudos to you for writing such an assay and kudos to the teacher who had the balls to made it known to all. I have grown up in a different time and in a different country where schools only were permitted to teach the children facts. I know of a teacher that got into serious trouble and eventually lost his job because he tried several times to infiltrate our minds with his opinions.

Today children are taught mostly opinions packaged as facts. Animal right being one such opinion that is made to sound like fact. However, it is a fact –not opinion- that the way animal rights portray us not only borders on hate mongering, but actually is hate mongering. If any person would talk like that about Jews, African Americans or any other minority group they would find themselves in serious legal problems. I once spook to a lawyer friend and he told me that he could find at the very least twenty reasons that would stand up in every court room to successfully sue or even prosecute an animal right organization or individual members of such organization. It surprises me then that up until none of our larger hunting organizations stood up and filed a class action suit against PETA or the HSUS.

Denise1021 – I am not sure what you’re trying to say with your comment. The HSUS, PETA and CO about money. They are not about animal welfare, wildlife and habitat conservation. I know they say they are about animal love but it’s a lie just like everything else they spew out. If they were in charge of the above named subjects then it would end in a big mess as has been shown in cases where they have been put in charge or where politicians followed their recommendations. Besides did you know that PETA kills more pets than any other animal shelter in North America? Most of these poor creatures not even will make it alive to shelter as they are been killed in the PETA pet van that supposed to bring them to the PETA shelter.

What do you mean with “How can children grow up to be responsible adults if they're not exposed to guns and murder?” Guns do not kill people. People kill people and they will do so by whatever means available to them. It is a little known fact, because the anti gun lobby does not want us to know, that the gun is not the number one choice of murders. The knife is the number one choice of murder weapon. The most commonly used knife are ordinary steak and meat cutting knives that can be found in every household.


deerPhD said...

Othmar, Wonderful post. Glad you are raising awareness of this issue and offering what will likely be a successful method of respectful retaliation (contacting administrators). I wonder what the animal rightists think of deer that are dead on the road and drivers that are dead from hitting them?

Also, great and very respectful response to Denise's comment.

Rick Passek said...

What a load of crap, I don't hunt myself but if that is what you enjoy and you eat what you kill then.......


Arthur said...

Oh how I love antis. Their so oblivious to how the world actually works and how nature works. Cause and Effect.

Guns have instilled more discipline and respect in kids then any number of things one could mention.

The HSUS is anything other than "Humane".

Very nice rebuttal to their nonsense Othmar.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you all for your comments.

DeerPhD – “I wonder what the animal rightists think of deer that are dead on the road and drivers that are dead from hitting them?” I will gladly tell you what the animal rightists think and do. A few years ago an elephant went on a rampage and killed a man. The police shot the mad animal in the street where it killed the man. The antis held a 48 hour vigil for the elephant and shouting down the family and friends of the man that also held a vigil at the spot where the man got killed.

Arthur- They are oblivious because they really have no clue about animals, environment or nature and it all works together. When I was still working as animal behaviorist I did a lot of TV talk shows where antis were present. It was very easy to talk them into a corner by just telling facts. The sad truth of it all is that the antis know that and actually give their members and Hollywood spokes people the advice NEVER to argue with their professional counterparts, “…because you will loose the argument since you lack the knowledge and facts.” Instead they advice, “…make every effort to interrupt your opponent or prevent him from speaking”. And then follows a long list of how this can be achieved in front of the camera.

Rick – The antis are after the fishers too and the farmers, and the zookeepers, and the pet owners, and the dog trainers. They are after everybody directly or remotely involved or benefiting in some small way from animals including diabetics that need insulin and the blind that need a seeing-eye-dog.


Anonymous said...

Interesting topic Othmar, and some great discussion.

The one thing that frequently astounds me about the antis is that they seem to care about the death of an animal more than they do the death of a human. If all lives have equal value, shouldn't the life of a hunter mean as much as the life of an animal?

Othmar Vohringer said...

Kristine – “The one thing that frequently astounds me about the antis is that they seem to care about the death of an animal more than they do the death of a human.”

Even that is only a front. PETA and Co don’t care if its you or me but they sure care if it one of their own. Then they have no qualms to kill animals so they can survive. About two years ago a head bubba of PETA, the name escapes me monetarily, suffered from severe diabetic. A reporter asked her why she takes insulin yet in public voices her anti animal product and research opinion. The answer she gave was very typical of these folks. “I have to do what I can to stay alive and help animals.” Meaning that we all can die of some or other diseases as far as the antis are concerned but they should, “must”, be healed by all means even if animals have to die for it. In simple terms this is called Hypocrite and that term sums just about the entire movement up.

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