Monday, November 19, 2007

Gun Safety Innovations Renames Premiere Product

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Today Kristine, Marketing Director of Gun Safety Innovations LLC, emailed me the following press release.

Regular visitors to this blog may have read that I mentioned several times a new and very neat product called Gunslinger (read my review of the product here). The Gunslinger has been renamed to GunTriever. The reasons for this are outlined in the following press release. Although the name has changed the product is still the same and using it will not only safe you priced rifle from damage should it fall from your treestand, it also could safe you or others from serious injury or even death.

Gun Safety Innovations, LLC announced today that the name of their primary product has changed. The product, formerly known as the Gunslinger is now called the GunTriever.

“There are a lot of hunting products on the market with some form of Gunslinger in their names,” said Kristine Shreve, Director of Marketing for Gun Safety Innovations. “We wanted a name for our product that was as unique as the product itself. GunTriever fit the bill.”

Gun Safety Innovations will be updating the company web site and blog to reflect the new name. The company will also be creating and selling logowear and other products that will use the new GunTriever name and logo. GSI expects to have those products available on their website,, in time for Christmas.

Located in beautiful Northern Michigan, Gun Safety Innovations, LLC. designs and manufacturers safety products for hunters. Our products are developed and field tested by hunters to ensure that every hunt is a safe hunt. At Gun Safety Innovations, our goal is to help every hunter “Hunt Smart” and “Think Safety”.

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deerPhD said...

I'm definitely looking forward to the "gear"!

Hope hunting went well...

Anonymous said...


Thanks, as always, for your support. I appreciate it.


The gear is coming. We just have to get through the rather large task of changing everything over to the new name first.

kavita said...

Thanks for your nice post.
Thanks and Regards,

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