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Lets Go Hunting

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Bryan from the DeerPhD posted a very flattering article where he explains how his blog became what it is doday. Bryan goes on to thank a few outdoor bloggers for their support of his blog. Among (Skinny Moose Media, Outdoor Bloggers Summit, Hunt Smart, Think Safety, Simply Outdoors, Bright Idea Outdoors Weblog, Tails & Trails and Big Buck Zone) he also mentions me with the following quote;

“I think we all know Othmar. He runs several sites/blogs. He’s an outdoor speaker, and he was extremely supportive of my blogging pursuits from day 1. I’ll never forget the first time I received an e-mail from Othmar. Just knowing I was on his radar made me think that I had “made it”! This guys is an extremely talented writer with a huge heart.”

I was very flattered by this nice comment and I wrote back:

“My big thank you for the link to my blog comes a little late but it is heartfelt.
You know how to make an old man blush. I liked you blog the very first time I read it. I have made many friends in the outdoor blogging sphere and my wish for the future is that perhaps we all could get together to hunt and share a campfire.

One of the many benefits of outdoor blogging is that we make many friends. Although we never have met each other personally we pull all on the same string by promoting hunting and the hunting heritage. What we outdoor bloggers can achieve without ever meeting in person has been shown when a few of us got together on the internet and by phone and created the (Outdoor Bloggers Summit.

When I wrote my comment on Bryan’s blog, especially the last sentence; “I have made many friends in the outdoor blogging sphere and my wish for the future is that perhaps we all could get together to hunt and share a campfire.” I got to thinking how neat it would be if we all could get together on a hunting adventure.

For those of you that read my blog regularly and know about my involvement with the Outdoor Bloggers Summit and the planed meeting in the coming spring, I have to say that my idea of an outdoor bloggers hunting adventure would be something completely independent from the Outdoor Bloggers Summit.

We all write about hunting would it not be a real cool idea if we could share a real life campfire together?

Here is my idea about such an adventure and I hope that my fellow outdoor bloggers will give some input and ideas too.

First we would have to find a location to stage this hunting bash. Rex at the Deer Camp Blog does a great job of telling us about his famous Christmas Plantations and I think, provided Rex wants to take part, this would be a great place to hold such a gathering.

What do you all think about this idea? Let me know by commenting on this blog or my contacting me personally.

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Editor said...

this is a wonderful idea. unfortunately, I am only able to invite a few people at a time to hunt each year. Licenses, sleeping arrangements and meals would be a major task.
If the blogmeet in St. Louis falls through, I am hoping we could get together (for the first time) in the spring. Tents could be used for some, meals, weather and conditions would be easier. Some could fish, others explore or ride 4-wheelers. I am working on it.
Some could visit casinos if they wished, go hiking or just relax.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks Rex, I don’t know how it is in your state wit obtaining hunting licenses for out of state visitors. I have been thinking that interested outdoor bloggers would have to pay their own way as far as meals, lodging and hunting licenses go.

I find it a wonderful idea about a get-together should the blogger summit fall through for some reason. Hey if it that should come together you and I could go on a spring gobbler hunt, I have a few new turkey calls to field test. Of course I also would like to get a ride on the “Othmar” and hopefully catch a bass or two too.

What ever happens I would definitely like to take your repeated invitation up next year to visit the famous Christmas plantations.


SimplyOutdoors said...

I think a get-together sounds fun. Even if it was just plain and simply hanging out and getting to know each other and sharing a beverage or two.

If the St. Louis deal falls through and this get together is on a different date I just might be able to do it!

Editor said...

I will start working on it. I would like to time it so that GuyK will be here for the meet. I know he is coming in the spring to fish.
As far as turkey hunting, eat your wheaties because these are big birds and I will find out the dates for the season and pencil you in.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Simply Outdoors - I fully agree with you Arthur.

Thanks Rex, I will start my diet on weaties now. Mind you here in BC turkeys are no small critters either. The north produces not the numbers like the south but to compensate for the lack of numbers the critters grow larger up here.


deerPhD said...

Othmar, a truly awesome idea! How cool would it be to not just meet each other, but to hunt together! To do what we all love to do some much with each other! I love the idea.

Thank a lot for mentioning my site, and for all of your encouragement throughout it all...

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