Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dumbest Poachers in 2007

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The other day I run across an unbelievable story of how dumb people can be. The story encouraged me to search for the dumbest poachers and let me tell you I found lots of stories. Here is a small selection of what I think must be some of the most stupid poachers.

I am glad that these people have the IQ that God usually grants a gob of cheese, that way they got caught and could be prosecuted. For the non-hunting readers of this blog, poachers are not hunters. Poachers break the law hunters on the other hand obey the law as well self-imposed ethical and moral standards. Poachers are thieves. Hunters are conservationists.

The Centre Daily Times reports;

Stepbrothers charged with shooting cows on first day of deer hunt
State police say two Fayette County stepbrothers shot and killed four cows after dusk on the first day of deer rifle hunting season.
Police say 21-year-old Ronald Dwayne Regish III, of Dunbar, and 22-year-old Allen Kessler, of Normalville, fired 10 shots at the cows in Saltlick Township. A juvenile is also charged with firing a shot.
Police say the men used a spotlight to find the animals and told police they thought the animals were deer.
The men are charged with agricultural vandalism, criminal conspiracy, criminal mischief and cruelty to animals.
Police say spent rifle shells were found 50 to 200 yards from the cows.

Here is a video of three morons poaching steelhead salmon in a creek. These three stooges were so smart that they not only videotaped their criminal action (accepted evidence in the court) but also posted the video on YouTube for the all the world to see. It seems quite common now for crooks, not only poachers, to film their crimes and then post the video on a public forum such as YouTube. I think it is a good idea if crooks film the crimes they commit, it makes the job of the police colleting evidence so much easier.

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NorCal Cazadora said...


And you're right that these are thieves, not hunters - in both cases.

Hunters' image should no more be tarnished by their actions than all drivers' images should be tarnished by street racers or road-rage perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right in making a clear distinction between those people called hunters and those people who are poachers. They are very different.

Seeing how dumb some of these people are really does make me laugh though. I heard a story about a guy who illegally poached some deer and posted about it, complete with pictures on a hunting forum. How dumb can you get?

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you all for your comments. Hunters and poachers are often named in the same breath by the mainstream media. I often wonder how much of this ignorance happens on purpose and with an agenda. I thought this occasion might be a good way to explain to the many non-hunters that come here to explain the difference between a poacher and a hunter.

While I was searching for the topic I came upon YouTube and it is just incredible what footage they have available of poachers. Some of the video clips shown are taken by state game officials using the robo-deer with a built in video camera.


SouthernAdventures said...

I've done a few post over at my blog about the media portraying everyone as "hunters". Nothing gets under my skin worse.

Othmar Vohringer said...

I have read of these posts and they are very well written. Personally I wouldn’t get to upset if it would be an honest mistake on behalf of an editor. But in most cases it is not. It is purposefully opinion making. At the beginning of the article the writers use the word “poacher” and then as the article progresses poacher is gradually replaced with the word “hunter”. This leaves people thinking that the two are one and the same.


NorCal Cazadora said...

Here's another great one in the news this morning:

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