Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Michigan DNR Protects Bowhunting Rights

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Good news for Michigan bowhunters, two days ago I read on the DNR website the following story.

The Michigan DNR has denied a request from Clinton Township supervisors to ban bowhunting inside the municipality’s boundaries after determining that bow-and-arrow hunting poses no threat to public safety.
In Michigan, unlike some other states where towns have banned bowhunting by outlawing the discharge of bows through ordinance, the DNR has final authority in regard to all hunting issues.
Gun hunting has been outlawed in Clinton Township since 1974, but there are still some areas of the 28-square-mile community where bowhunters have continued to pursue deer on private property.
The Township’s attempt to eliminate bowhunting was based on perceived safety issues. Township Supervisor Robert Cannon said that legal council would appeal the DNR decision.
But Lt. Sherry Chandler of the DNR’s Law Enforcement Division said there is no appeal process, and the decision is final. She said the decision was based on a public hearing held by the department, in which four residents, two in favor of the ban and two in opposition, appeared for comment.
“No testimony or evidence of substantive incidents which would warrant a Hunting Area Control was provided during the public hearing or during the investigation subsequent to the hearing,” Chandler wrote in a letter to the township board.

This news story is the perfect example of what I have written about in Get active in the protection of our rights, where I among other things discuss letter writing campaigns.

This example warrants letters of support to the Michigan DNR, contact them and let the good folks at the DNR know how much you appreciate their efforts to protect you hunting rights.

While you at it, write also a letter to the Clinton Township and let them in friendly factual manner know how disappointed you’re with their stance on bowhunting and that you will remember that attitude in the upcoming elections.

On the Wild Turkey Fever blog Michigan hunters can find more good DNR news.

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SimplyOutdoors said...

I actually wrote a post on this as well Othmar. I wrote a week ago or so I believe. I guess great minds think alike.

I also put in for my turkey permit and I'm anxiously waiting to see if I get the hunt I wanted.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Good on you i hope hunters responded to it and good luck with the turkey permit.

Kris said...

I am glad to see the DNR taking a stand. I am afraid that there will be a law suit against the DNR...that is what these type of people do when they can't get their way through the democratic process

Anonymous said...

Yay for my state! It is nice to see the DNR supporting hunters.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Kris – The Michigan DNR certainly took a stand on this subject. As I have been informed there will be no lawsuit but the township of Clinton did turn their noses up and banned bowhunting on public land out of spite. The saga continues and that is why every hunter should write congratulatory letters to the DNR and finger waging letters to the township of Clinton.

Kristine – Many hunters see the DNR’s as watchdogs or some kind of police but fact is that the DNR are a hunters best ally.


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