Saturday, January 26, 2008

WATG: Hunters Helping Kids

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It’s been awhile since I posted a write about the good post. This is a series started by Kristine at the Hunt Smart, Think Safety blog. In this series outdoor bloggers are challenged to write posts about the good things hunters and hunting organizations do to promote our heritage and in the efforts of wildlife and habitat conservation.

I am in the middle of preparing for an interview I will be conducting with Richard Worden for my new series “The Outdoor Interview”. Mr. Worden is on the National Board of Director serving as Sponsorships Chairman of Hunters Helping Kids he also serves as HHK - NNY Chapter President.

All over North America there are large and smaller organizations that are dedicated to get more people into hunting and fishing, or to wildlife and nature conservation. While most are aware of the larger national organizations there are also many local organizations and chapters of large organization in your area. These organizations and chapters do a great job of addressing local concerns.

Organizations are always looking for members and volunteers assisting them in their many tasks. Getting involved is a very satisfactory experience on so many levels not least the knowledge that you did something good for our heritage, wildlife, environment and society.

Last week a few friends and I decided that we will head ou to the Pitt Marsh , our local duck hunting area, to do some habitat enhancement and ditch clean up, hang nesting boxes for mallards, redheads and widgeon ducks that are most commonly found in the marsh. This activity will not only enhance the habitat quality and attract wildlife put is a good promotion for hunters. The Pitt Marsh is a favorite walking and hiking location for many town and city people, and they all will see that hunters (we will be dressed in camouflage for exactly that purpose) are working hard to keep the Marsh clean and attractive for many different wildlife species.

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SimplyOutdoors said...

Awesome idea about dressing as hunters while you are doing your work. Great idea. I wish I was closer to help.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you Arthur. I usually do not dress up in my camouflage outside of the hunting season unless it serves promotional purposes. We always welcome another set of hands but I am sure there are projects in your area. What we do is not organized by anyone. We’re just a bunch of local hunters who decided that perhaps we should do something more than just hunt and give back to nature and wildlife. One of us went to the local wildlife agency (Canadian version of the DNR) and the Pitt Marsh wildlife Council and offered them our plan and they said, “Go ahead”.


Marc - Editor, NYBOWHUNTER.COM said...

It's great to hear about hunter's improving habitat and showing the non-hunters and anti-hunters that those who hunt are the biggest conservationists. No one cherishes the land and wildlife around us more than the hunters.

Anonymous said...

I think that's a great idea Othmar. It will certainly be great publicity for those who don't know much about hunting to see hunters working to preserve and upgrade the duck habitat. Hopefully you may get to talk to a few people as well.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Marc – Thanks Marc. It takes very little to promote a good hunter image in society. In this case I will of course also write an article about it with pictures for our local newspaper.

Kristine – Thank you Kristine. You bet that I will be talking to the folks that happen to wander by. If people see a hunter in the off season they are always curious what we’re doing and when we tell them that we improve the habitat they get exited too and find it wonderful. That is usually the starting point for a good conversation.


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