Monday, April 28, 2008

Update on “Urged Action Required of All Hunters and Anglers”

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I just received news that Meijer has shut down the email address that I have provided as a contact in my original action alert.

It is quite possible that the email address was shut down due to the high volume of messages that were being received from the sportsman community. This is an encouraging sign and we must keep the pressure up on Meijer.

Please keep the pressure up, contact the Meijer CEO and Chairman
Hank Meijer
2929 Walker Ave. NW
Grand Rapids
Michigan, 49544-9428
phone – (616) 453-6711; fax – (616) 791-2572

…and demand that the company end its financial support of HSUS. If you prefer to contact the company via email, please send your messages to Meijer vice president of corporate communications and public affairs, Stacie Behler at and insist that she deliver your message to the CEO.

This is part of the answer I got from Meijer, it seems to be a standard letter sent out to all concerned sportsmen.
“While my answer probably isn’t going to completely satisfy you, it is important that you understand that we understand what you are saying. We believe that we have funneled this money away from the Humane Society and instead put it to use where we really wanted it, which is helping families and helping rescued animals. Our goal here was not to provide funding for the Humane Society of the United States, but instead for a fund that would be funneled out nationally.”
Stacie Behler, did recognize that hunters and sportsmen are a huge customer base for Meijer and mentioned that the company has already received messages and emails from concerned sportsmen and some of those messages identified other sportsmen-friendly national organizations that will be helped in future programs.

What she seems not to recognize is the fact that even if the money is donated with stipulations attached that it A.) Frees up finances for the HSUS to be used against hunters and fishers, and B.) That the HSUS does not have programs to help either families or to rescue animals.

Keep the pressure up and should you get an answer back such as the above enlighten Meijer of their misconception about HSUS helping orphaned pets. Past experiences have proven that pressure from outdoorsmen DO WORK. Companies such as Iams, General Mills, Accor Hotels, Pet Safe, Sears and Ace Hardware ended relationships with HSUS after thousands of sportsmen levied strong protest.

Remember the derogatory series of JEEP TV advertising that portrayed hunters as primitive slobs. After hundreds of thousands of sportsmen complained to Jeep they not only pulled all the advertising but went public with an apology. We hunters have a strong voice and are a powerful force if we stick together.

Thank you.

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1 comment:

Marc said...

The blogging world is changing the way sportsmen become aware of these attacks against us and helping to bring us together to fight those who wish to take away our beloved past time.

I am seeing progress in NY with sportsmen and women coming together to help preserve our sport and there is no reason why we can't overcome this obstacle as well.

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