Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A busy and exiting week passed.

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I am sure some of my regular readers were wondering why I haven’t written anything on this blog for almost over a week.

The reason for my absence from this blog was that I have had a very busy week. As some of you may recall, I wrote a post almost a year ago that I want to become a hunter education instructor. I had all the paperwork and study material I needed but stuff happened and I just never seemed to find the time to sit down and study. Finally two weeks ago I said to myself, “If you don’t do it now you probably never will, so you would better get your act together.”

Just to make sure that I do take the time and study I applied for the hunter education instructor exams held on Sunday August 10. That gave me precisely one week to work through the study material. Somewhat nervous and with a pounding headache from studying all night we drove to Kelowna where the exams were held. Five ours later I left the building having passed the exams with flying colors. I am now officially a Hunter Education Instructor appointed by the Government of the province of British Columbia.

As a hunting instructor I can organize and hold my own hunter classes. We have a lot of freedom in how we create these classes for as long as we stay within the main goal of the hunter education curriculum. This appeals very much to me because I never would make a good teacher if I just had to pass on dry theory. This freedom was one of the reason why I wanted to become a instructor in the first place.

I am still working on an education course plan. What I would like to do is to make the course as interactive and reality related as possible. I even been thinking about holding one part, the game and bird identification, of the course outside in nature where the students can see the real animals instead of looking at pictures and drawings.

It is my firm believe that if we want to get young people into our ranks and force them by law to take a hunter education course then we have to make it fun for them. Otherwise the kids will stay home and play video games. Children sit all day in the school and listen to boring theory, they are not likely to sit another two hours after school for three days in another boring classroom to be lectured by a hunting education instructor unless it’s fun and interactive.

I welcome any suggestions from you on how to create a fun education program in the comment section or if you rather want to stay anonym you can send me an email. Firearms, bows and videos are suplied by the BC government and so are antlers, horns, bones, fur and feathers of different animals.

Of course not everything was hard work, I had some fun and excitement too. One of the highlights of last week was good news for my wife. Artemis, as my wife is known in the blogger and art world, has been contacted by one of Canada’s largest newspaper with an offer to be their permanent assignment photographer for the Okanagan area. It is interesting to note that my wife never sent the newspaper editor any query letters or a portfolio of her outstanding photography work. The newspaper found my wife through her blog. The editor was, in his words, very impressed with the picture quality and the writing skill. From the blog he took time and visited my wife’s website too and ended up been even more impressed with the large volume of photography and artwork my wife creates. To cut a long story short, my wife got her first assignment, of many to come, this coming Wendesday.

When I heard the news I was near tears of joy. My wife worked very hard for many years. She never was happy with what she did and keept pushing herself to get better and better. But more than that, photography and art has always been a source of great joy for her. Even a way to express her emotions and feelings. I always hoped deep in my heart that one day she can make a living from what she loves to do and now it happened.

I also learned one or two important lessons. First, editors do search the Internet to look for what they need. Second, adding relevant keywords to your blog posts is very important because that is how people, in this case the editor of one of Canada’s largest newspapers, find you and what they are looking for. As I write this my wife is on location taken a few pictures in advance of the assignment, smart move, this gives me time to tell you what else happened last week.

On Friday my wife’s cousins husband and my hunting partner came for a visit over the weekend. The first evening we went out fishing with the new boat. Between us we caught ten lake trout (no pictures because I forgot to take the camera with me). Then on Saturday morning long before sunrise we headed to our hunting grounds to do some maintenance work on the cabin and fine tune our previous scouting. On the way in we saw well over twenty deer, including some very nice bucks, and grouse where everywhere. We also saw a lot of bear and moose sign. It promises to be a good hunting season. After many hard winters under which the wildlife suffered the populations seem finally to pick up again. I am pumped for the September 1st bowhunting season opener.

Talking about bowhunting, I have posted a few articles on Whitetail Deer Passion with tips about scouting tactics that will improve your early season bowhunting success.

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SimplyOutdoors said...

That is great news for both of you Othmar.

I think having the kids do interactive things is definitely the way to go.

Congrats to your wife. It is always great making money and something you love.

Marian Love Phillips said...

My congrats to you and yours as well. What an exciting week for both of you. You made a move into a new life and wonderful things are happening for you. Life is good! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication and you all have deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys had a full week. Congratulations on passing your instructor exam. The people who get to take the class from you will be very lucky. I wish I could come up there and be one of your students, but I don't think it would transfer over.

Congratulations also to Artemis. That's wonderful and I'm so excited for her. What a great opportunity and a great tribute to her work.

Sounds like you guys are having a very good month. I'm so pleased for both of you.

Tom Sorenson said...

That is awesome! Congrats to you - I think it's awesome that you've become a hunter's ed teacher...the world needs more people like yourself in such a role where people (not only kids) will WANT to get involved in the outdoors.

And congrats to your wife - I can't imagine the thrill it must have been for both of you to see her passion turn into something profitable. You sound like you have such a wonderful relationship with eachother - and I'm happy for the awesome news for the both of you.

Congrats and may your journey continue to be bright.

Blessed said...

It sounds like you both have had a great week - Congratulations!

By the way - you've both been drawn for the OBS Bloggers Spotlight but I knew that with your move you were both a little busy - think you would both have time to answer three questions for me soon so that I can feature your blogs together?


Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you all for the kind words and congratulations. It does seem that with the move to the new house luck has turned our way. The fact is however, that having our own house we have more financial freedom and more time to plan our business ventures. Living in a beautiful place, where we always wanted to be, certainly is inspiring too.

Kristine – I still remember with some horror my time in school. It is with this background that I have wowed that I never will be “boring” in my educational activates. Besides I find it easier to be funny and entertaining that stiff and boring.

Tom – I am extremely lucky and there is not a day where I don’t count my blessings that I have met the person that has become my wife. Besides loving her she is also my best friend. Like in all marriages, me might not see eye to eye on some things but we respect each other as individual personalities.

Blessed – You have an email and thank you for the honor to feature us on the OBS blog.


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