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Living the American Way of Life – but God help you if you do

© By Othmar Vohringer

It is not often that I write a political article. However, today I feel the need to write about a subject that I find highly disturbing.

The American way of Life is not unique to America but rather a figure of speech that can be applied to any nation. Provided that the nation grants its people democratic freedom, justice and liberty to pursue happiness and a fulfilled life within the frame of the law and constitution without running the risk of been outcast, maligned and persecuted.

The American Way of Life also means that citizens of free countries should be proud of their heritage and traditions. The American Way of Life means that people should first care for the welfare of their fellow citizens. A brotherhood and sisterhood of a nation made up of different races, traditions and beliefs living and working in harmony for the greater good of all in that nation.

With the nomination of Sarah Palin to run for Vice-President we all witnessed that living the American Way of Life will subject you to ridicule, slander and character assassination from communist flavored left-wing parties and special interest groups, the disciples of internationalism and government control.

Sarah Palin lives the American Way of Life and get attacked for it. Palin, like many other women, raises a family and holds a job but she also takes part in the great traditions of hunting and fishing. Unlike others she makes no apologies for it. And why should she. It’s a tradition to be proud of.

Sarah Palin also believes that Americans first should solve their own problems before they try to solve anyone else’s. She is a Patriot and that doesn’t sit well with the left-wing parties who have accused her of being a nationalist. The late French General De Gaulle defined the difference between patriotism and nationalism; “ Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first. Nationalism is when hate for people other than your own comes first.”

What makes Sarah Palin so unpopular with the left-wing parties and media? Rather than talking about the new world order and big government Sarah talks about the many problems America faces at home and about how America can solve these problems with resources from within the country and with American resources and American people. Of course that does not sit well with those that favor an international community at the cost of national identity, dependence and to a point national sovereignty.

Where globalization and big government can lead is shown in the example of Europe. European member nations have to subordinate their national governance, internal affairs, justice, trade and traditions to the interests of the European community, regardless if it benefits the nations or not. International interests come before national interests.

I am disturbed by the attacks on Palin. It is not a single case, it happens to everyone that stands up and voices his or her conservative beliefs and adherence to traditional ways and cultural traditions. The left wing is for the most part all about being in with the new at any cost and out with the old and proven.

Most of what we read and hear in the media is designed to disqualify Sahra not on her political achievements as Governor of Alaska but based on her personal beliefs and traditions. Much of what is said is just plain nasty and belongs in the realm of willful character assassination.

Here are just a few comments of the thousands that are spread like a virus all over the Internet commenting on Palin’s hunting tradition. Here is one comment that makes a bold correlation between hunting and killing people:

“I will never understand the mentality that prefers dead animals to living ones. Although, when you think about it, it’s kind of related to the right-wing mentality that prefers dead soldiers to living veterans who might need medical care and have the audacity to object to their policies.”

The assumption of legally hunted game equating that of fallen soldiers is truly disturbing and clearly aimed at scaring people over the ‘gun toting animal killer’. It is implied in the statement that people who kill animals are also capable of killing people. Not somebody you want to have in a powerful position. But it gets worse.

Here is a comment that comes from the televised interview with Sarah Palin’s parents in their Alaskan log home. Typical for many hunting households are beautiful taxidermy works decorating the walls of their living room, which was thus described: “The horned skull over the door is the thing that caught my eye. I’m not saying they worship the devil or anything...”
By saying, “I’m not saying they worship the devil…” the commenter did exactly that - why else would he have written that. He wanted to give the impression that the Palin’s are devil worshippers. According to left wing thinking whom other than a devil worshiper could be in favor of gun ownership and hunting?

Hollywood celebrities too take part in the mud-slinging match. Matt Damon spends twenty minutes on YouTube ridiculing Sarah Palin, ending every sentence with “Real scary” or “I am scared for the future of America”. Here is what Matt is scared about: “Palin comes form a small town where she served as Mayor. She has no experience with big government. That is really scary.” Of course Matt purposely leaves out the fact that Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska. Damon is also scared about Sarah’s morals, “She kills animals for fun and we all know what people who kill for fun are capable of. I am scared for the future of America should that women ever become our Vice-President.” Again the assumption is made that hunters kill for fun and the implication is that they could be much worse. Matt is also scared about Sarah's membership in the NRA and he is scared about the values she passes on to children by promoting gun ownership and the “killing of animals”. The interview keeps going in that vein till the end. Everything Sarah Palin says, does and stands for is scary to him.

For me the disturbing aspect of all this is that the media and left-wing parties and supporters solely concentrate on the outdoor pursuit aspect of Sarah Palin and her membership in the NRA. Of course these things are easier to malign than a provable political track record of achievements.

I do not envy my American friends for the choice they have to make in this election. With all that childish mud slinging back and forth it is hard to see through the nasty fog of deception. ‘God Bless America’ perhaps needs to be rephrased into ‘God help the Americans to see through the thick fog of plain nastiness an diversion tactics so they will be able to make the right choice for America on the ballot box’.

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Tom Sorenson said...

For the first time in my life, I've admired a living politician when Sarah Palin became running mate for Mr. McCain. This blog is one of - scratch that - this blog is THEE best I've read concerning this topic and coming from someone that does not reside here makes it all the more moving. The points you bring up are great - I will throw in here that mud slinging happens on both sides, but to blame her because she hunts and fishes...that's ludicrous. Oh, and to Matt Damon - What exactly are people that kill animals for fun capable of? People who kill PEOPLE on the big screen are sending MUCH worse messages to our children than people who support their family and a way of life by hunting legally. Hollywood people need to take a step into the real world and look at life outside of their little concrete jungle. I'm proud of Ms. Palin, I respect her, and I hope my fellow Americans feel as I do. This country could do a whole lot worse than having her as second in command.

Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed this post and it was well written. I like yourself do not get involved in politics much but this time is something different. I felt the need as well to speak out.

I think a lot of the attacks on Sarah Palin are from those who are threatened by her. Those people either don't understand her way of life or don't believe a women could be a Vice President.

I am for the first time speaking out and taking a stand by saying I support McCain & Palin.

I think all these people who have the time to threaten and down grade Sarah Palin and put that energy to better use in other ways.

deerslayer said...

Othmar; Thou I don't try to keep up with all the politics on the elections I do catch some of them and the article you've written here I would say explains it all in a nutshell. As far as I'm concerned we need her as president not vice-president and a double term at that. If congress would let the president run the country we might have a better country today but they stop everything the president tries to do and thats why were where we are today with the economy.

CDGardens said...

Thank you for writing this post.

Presidents,irreguardless of party affiliation, do not act alone in their decisions, but are blamed for the outcome.

Being placed into office doesn't mean campaign promises will be attained. The individual still must influence opposing mindsets, not an easy position to hold in this day and age in America.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you all for the comments. As a Canadian it is far from me to suggest how Americans should vote. What I tried to communicate is how disgusted I am with the personal attacks and character assassinations that have become common place during elections.

It just so happens that here in Canada we have elections too. If it were not so tragic, I could laugh about the way the parties and the contestants fall over each other like hyenas with personal insults and bashing each other. The Conservatives (Prime Minister Harper) makes a refreshing difference in this slander fest. Harper states his agenda and plans in a professional manner without any personal attacks, and for that among other reasons he will get my vote. I trust a person that behaves and talks like a professional over the perosn that behaves like a childish moron.

Politicians, American and Canadian, seem to have forgotten that the election in fact is a job interview. Imagine what would happen to anyone of us if we would use a job interview to slander and ridicule all the other job applicants that came before us and the ones that come after us. We probably would be kicked out of the office faster than we can say “sorry”. The troubling aspect of this childish behavior is that these men and women should serve as a positive example of strength and leadership. Instead they behave like children been caught doing something naughty and now keep pointing fingers and hurling abuse at each other.

SimplyOutdoors said...


What a great post. I agree with Tom, that it is even more moving because of the fact that you do not even reside in the U.S.

It isn't hard to look at Hollywood and wonder exactly what planet they are from. They are so out of touch with reality that it is scary.

That is why Tom Selleck, and the Charlton Heston types, sent such shock waves through the Hollywood mainstream. They couldn't believe someone from their sheltered world understands how life really works. It isn't all roses and rainbows and tofu for god's sake.

For Governor Palin to be ridiculed because of her lifestyle choices is insane. I honestly think she is more in-touch with the American people than any president or presidential candidate in quite a long, long time.

Excellent post Othmar. Excellent!

Kris said...

This is a fantastic post! I am glad that so many people see the truth about Palin, and her outdoors lifestyle. The left wing folks who slam her are grasping at straws, and this is all they can find on her! Way to point out the facts.

Othmar Vohringer said...

I am really glad you all like this post. When I wrote I was considering for a day or two about posting it here because as I said in the article. I usually do not talk much about politics.

Jeff said...

I think you have just summed up the feelings of most Americans on Sarah Palin's treatment by the Left.
Unfortunately, the Left lives so far off of mainstreet, they will never realize how out of touch they are with most of our citizens.
Great article!

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