Thursday, November 13, 2008

PETA Calls for “Under-18” Hunting Ban

Ones again the notorious PETA, in their usual fashion, exploit a hunter tragedy shamelessly to further their own political agenda. Painting all hunters with broad brushstrokes as potential criminals, killing animals and humans for fun. We need to stop these hateful attempts to discriminate against millions of law-abiding people by taking action. Please read the following press release and take a minute or two to contact the Governor of Arizona with your take on youth hunting and the importance the young generation has in our hunting community and the future of our cherished heritage.

(U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Press Release)

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) decries the most recent effort of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to ban hunting in Arizona.
On November 11, PETA sent a letter to the Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, urging support of legislation that would ban hunting by anyone younger than 18.
PETA is attempting to exploit recent November 5 news coverage of a tragedy in which an eight year-old boy allegedly shot and killed his father, Vincent Romero, and Timothy Romans with a .22-caliber rifle. The organization claims that the violent act was fomented by a recent family prairie dog hunting trip.
PETA told Gov. Napolitano that hunting teaches “children to see others as nothing more than living targets.”
“PETA always uses the most distasteful tactics to make headlines. In this case it is exploiting a tragic situation to advance its anti-hunting agenda,” said USSA Executive Vice President Rick Story.
“There is no reason to believe that banning hunting for youth would have prevented this act”, Story said. “A ban on hunting for those under 18 will prohibit thousands of law abiding, responsible sportsmen and their children from engaging in a time honored tradition”, he said.

To learn more about the USSA and how you can support this fine organization visit the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Website

To write a letter or email in support of youth hunting visit the website of Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano

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Matt said...

Good post. Banning hunting for people under 18, I think, would mean an end to our sport as we know it. Of course, that's what PETA wants!

Tom Sorenson said...

Saw this earlier today - I tell ya...PETA just grates on my nerves. A bloated cow almost killed my dad about fifteen years ago. Maybe I ought to petition the government that we need to kill all cows before they cause any more deaths and injuries.

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