Friday, December 05, 2008

Deer Hunting Season Brings Revue to Ohio

© By Othmar Vohringer

The has published an interesting article about the positive economic effect deer hunting has on the state of Ohio.
“An estimated 400,000 hunters, including many from other states, are expected to participate statewide, and hunting has an estimated $1.5 billion annual economic impact in Ohio, according to the ODNR’s Web site.”
It is recommendable that a daily newspaper reports on the positive economics that hunting has on the state. I find this especially noteworthy in these economically difficult times. For hunters it has always has been obvious that hunting generates the money needed to finance wildlife conservation and provides jobs for thousands of people. This is the message we have to broadcast to the general public. We are not the twisted Bamby-Killers the animal right proclaim, but rather a vital part of animal conservation and the economy of the county.

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Anonymous said...

Hunters add so much revenue to any state that it only makes sense to let us continue our pursuit of hunting and the great outdoors.

deerslayer said...

Animal rights activist don't realize the revenue or the jobs they would be cutting every state out of, all they realize is they want the killing of our wild game stopped. Thanks for the important article you've posted here.

Adam said...

I bet the animal rights people don't donate one penny or one minute of their time to help preserve wildlife and wildlife habitat! If it weren't for hunters the wildlife would have dieases and be over populated, but thats ok with them, they would rather see them die from starvation than by a hunter who will help feed his family.

Brenda said...

$1.5 billion??? that’s quite a lot isn’t it?

huntohio said...

i spend a ton of money myself, i totally believe it

huntohio said... totally

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