Thursday, March 05, 2009

Spring Geese Hunting Season

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Here in British Columbia the short spring geese hunting season has opened for ten days. Having spent the past two months indoors with writing and preparations for the upcoming seminar tour I am itching to get out and do some hunting.

This afternoon I brushed up on my calling skills, such as they are, and now I am getting all the stuff ready for tomorrow morning. Looking across the desk at all the equipment piled up in the corner I can’t help but feel a little bewildered about the mountain of stuff. Rally how much does it take to go hunting? Apparently, quite a lot, looking at my stuff in the corner.

There are two pairs of insulated winter boots, a set of ASAT insulated camouflage (parka and bib-coverall), a woolen hat with facemask. Two pairs woolen socks, a set of thick thermal underwear and insulated gloves. On the side table are two boxes of 12 gauge, 3 inch BB Federal Premium shell boxes. The goose calls lay next to it and the Mossberg 535 ATS shotgun is still safely looked away in the gun safe. Just by the office door are two full sets, that’s 24, Flambeau Canada geese decoys.

It looks like I am ready to go geese hunting.

On Monday I’ll be back here and tell you all about it. If I fill my quota I'll brag about it, if not I will come up with excuses. A valued excuse that might occur is that the weatherman has predicted cold windy weather and around here that is not what waterfowl hunters want. We will see, whatever happens it will be good to get out with friends and get some fresh air into the lungs.

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Deer Killer said...

I wish Wisconsin had a spring goose hunting season, at least I puled a spring turkey tag this year.

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