Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chores in and around the house and computer problems

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It’s been a while since I wrote anything on this blog, two weeks to be exact, and in that time tings piled up. My birthday came and went without much fuss. I guess at 55 years of age much of the excitement about birthdays is gone. But what I really wanted to write about, rather sooner than later, was the turkey hunting trip and a few new products that I had the pleasure of field testing over the past few weeks.

There is a long list of reasons why my blog posts got delayed. Finally spring has arrived here in the Nicola Valley and with that the garden became a priority and still will be for a few weeks. Inside the house a new staircase needed to be built and while I was at it we laid a new floor in the entry hall too. My wife and I finally got sick of the wall-to-wall carpeting and ripped it all out. The carpet is now replaced with a beautiful natural wood floor and a matching staircase. Next we will tackle the living room floor that at the moment also has wall-to-wall carpet. The wood for the living room floor is currently climatzing in our basement.

What really prevented me from writing are the computer troubles I am experiencing lately. The darn machine is in and put of the “computer clinic” and is still not working right. I guess, like me, the computer is showing its age and probably soon needs to be replaced. But in the meantime I writing as much as I can to meet deadlines and get the posts for this blog written.

By tomorrow I will have the post up, hopefully, about my turkey hunting trip that turned out to be much more than just a ordinary hunting trip. You will have to come back and read all about the experiences and good folks we meet on that trip. I also hope that I get the product reviews written and posted here. It does not often happen that I come across a product that makes me go “WOW” but it happened in the last two weeks not once but twice.

As you can see a lot has happened worth to write about, so make sure to stay tuned and check back frequently.

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Albert A Rasch said...

Spring is always a bit hectic isn't it! If it isn't one thing, it's another. Busy, Busy, Busy!

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.
I Review the Nikon Monarch 8X42.

Anonymous said...

Othmar, I can certainly relate about to much to do and not enough time.
I needed to change a toilet flange and toilet in my house and ended up redoing the whole floor and replacing some sheetrock.
Computers are a pain in the butt, I have to take mine in to have it properly cleaned and to have more memory added to it but I'm putting it off because I don't want to miss anything.

SimplyOutdoors said...

Well happy belated birthday, Othmar. I think this time of year is that way for everyone. Hopefully things start to slow down for all of us.

Deer Passion said...

Happy Birthday! - belated, of course! I've been struggling with similar things this spring - a hectic lifestyle and a computer in dire need of a replacement. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to your turkey hunting post tomorrow...

Othmar Vohringer said...

Albert – Yep but I am not complaining. I like to walk outside the house knowing that we made everything look beautiful. I also like to sit inside the house knowing it is cozy and the way we want it. For that comfort and feeling I gladly put all the time I have in it.

Rick – that’s how it usually gets started. You fix one thing and by doing so you discover other stuff that needs to be fixed. It’s called chain reaction.

Arthur – Thanks for the birthday wishes. I don’t think things are slowing down much around here. In fact I am already working on the fall hunting and seminar season coming up in a few short months. I am not complaining but many people do not realize the amount of work that goes into promoting a career and keeping two steps ahead.

Deer Passion – Thank you too for the BD wishes. At then moment my computer is working, sort of, and at least lets me do the things that I need to do with. Things like work.


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