Tuesday, June 09, 2009

78 year old beats off attacking grizzly bear with stick

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Breaking News:

Antler art artist, 78 year old Tom Wanyandie beat off a grizzly bear with his walking stick that attacked his son.

The father and son were looking for moose antlers sheds in the wilderness near Prairie Creek when they spotted a grizzly bear cub. A few seconds after seeing the cub the adult grizzly attacked Tom Wanyandie’s son James injuring him seriously.

Read the full story here how the courageous father fought off the bear with his walking stick and saved his son life.

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1 comment:

gary said...

Great story, everyone came away in one piece and it was a shot in the arm that us older guys are good for something. Gotta remember that down the throat bit, makes scence.

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