Thursday, June 25, 2009

Health update

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Since my post About fishing, bleeding and surgery I received many comments on this blog, by email, on twitter and facebook with get well soon wishes, tips and general concern. I therefore think it is only right to update you on my health and thank you all for the outpouring of concern you have shown.

A few days ago my doctor phoned up to tell me that the results from the blood and urine tests are in and that he would like to speak to me about a concern he had. At my age you start to worry when you hear the word “concern” and so I didn't look forward to the next appointment.

As it turned out there where more good than bad news waiting for me. The good news is that all my inner organs and systems are in very good shape and working order. This, according to my doctor is better then above average for people in my age group. The blood and urine tests also showed that all the other things associated with age such as cholesterol and high blood pressure among a few other things are very good. In short to use the doctors words. “You’re an exceptionally healthy person.”

So what’s the concern then? My hemoglobin is in the basement, which according to the doctor is an indicator of how much blood I lost when I had the nosebleed. The doctor said that I lost just over a third of my blood and he was surprised that I didn’t get a blood transfusion. “Normally” the doc said, “people that loose that much blood go into shock and can slip into a coma.” Wow, that would explain why I still get dizzy spells and feel tired all the time. On the short walk with my dog to the post office, less than a mile, I have to rest three times to catch my breath.

“Yes” the doctor said, “and I advice you to take it very easy, as soon you feel dizzy or tired lay down and have a rest. If you’re not resting you still could send your body into shock. You have very little blood left in your body and it will take about a month to build up to normal. During that time don’t do anything that puts strain on you.”

The good thing is that I now get to eat more of the stuff that I like to eat and that makes most people go “yewww “. In order to build up my blood I have to eat iron rich foods, things like liver and spinach. Yummiii!

Food contains iron in two forms; heme and non-heme. Heme iron is better absorbed by the body than non-heme iron. Heme iron is found in meat, eggs, fish and poultry. Non-heme iron is found in beans, whole grains, nuts and some fruits and vegetables like spinach and string beans. To help the body to absorb the richer heme iron I will eat foods rich on vitamin C such as citrus fruits, cantaloupe, strawberries, broccoli ( I love broccoli it’s my favorite vegetable next to potatoes and spinach), sweet peppers and tomatoes.

To this end the doctor gave me a long list of foods I should eat more of in the coming weeks and he also prescribed iron pills for me. One aspect I like about my doctor is that he is not a pill pusher. I absolutely detest taking medicine. So much so that I rather ride my severe migraine attacks out than resorting to heavy painkillers that leave me nauseous and with upset stomach for days.

Now I am happy again knowing that I am not plagued by some old age ailment that needs non-stop medical attention, as I feared first when I realized that my strength has left and my heart pounded like a sledgehammer. I am looking confident into the future knowing that all is good.

Now I am tired and need a rest. I just happen to know the perfect place to rest. There is a beautiful lake near our house and that is where I will spend the rest of the day with the fishing rod.

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Kristine Shreve said...

Glad to hear things are getting better. Do rest and take it easy and listen to your doctor. Recovery may take a bit, but you will get stronger.

SimplyOutdoors said...

Fishing sounds like an excellent way to relax.

My wife had a blood transfusion after our daughter was born. She had had a c-section and lost a lot of blood.

It's good to hear you're in such good health, Othmar. Take it easy, eat some veggies, relax, and fish. That sounds like an excellent recipe to bring that hemoglobin back up where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your on the path to better health again. Take care of yourself so you make a full recovery without problems. If you need someone to "rest" with all of us bloggers might be able to help out!

Albert A Rasch said...


1/3 of your blood? from a nose bleed? and you didn't keel over!!!

Dang you must be one tough hombre!

Thank goodness you are, take it easy as the Dr recommends and do eat those veggies.

To your good health!

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thank you all for your kind words.

Yes Albert from a nosebleed. It was not just dripping, it was gushing like a wild river for four solid days until the doctors were able stop it. Whatever they tried it did not work until a specialist decided that I should be operated on the nose or else loose more blood.


CDGardens said...

It is fantastic to hear you have a healthy nutritional foundation.

Yes, liver and spinach are quite good along with everything else you mentioned.

I wish you a swift recovery.

Hubert Hubert said...

I wish you prunes, much Guinness, a good book and a speedy recovery, Othmar.


NorCal Cazadora said...

I'm very glad to hear you're on the mend! It must be frustrating, to have to take it easy for a whole month, but forced recovery time can be a great opportunity to read some good books.

Doug O said...

Glad to hear you got the information you needed. It's nice to have good medical care who can help you out (even though I thought my advice about the lettuce was pretty darn good..;-) )

Othmar Vohringer said...

Sorry for the late reply to your comments. Despite doctors orders to take it easy I have been kind of busy lately. I took my resting time and catched up on a lot of things that I left unfinished. Things like reading a few books and getting promotional material together for my upcoming fall seminars and researching ides for new articles.


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