Friday, June 19, 2009

Still taking it easy

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It’s almost a week since I had the nosebleed of all nosebleeds which landed me in the hospital. I still feel drained of all strength due to the severe blood loss and have no other choice but to take it easy. We took this opportunity to drive around the countryside, rather than hiking, and it gave me a good opportunity to put my new camera though it paces.

Here are the results. Enjoy.

Typical landscape around our home in Merritt.

A mule deer doe on the side of the street enjoying a nibble on the fresh green. There where four more a bit further back in the woodlot.

This is one of lakes I frequent with the fishing rod in the middle of a beautiful and tranquil landscape.

Gazu, our loyal dog and my good hunting partner, having a good time at the lake fetching sticks and chasing little fish in the shallow shoreline or anything else that moves.

A snapshot of my photography tutor, wife and best friend at work. She's hidden behind tall grass waiting of the shy Loon to get into position for her to take a picture.

All pictures are taken with a Canon Rebel XSi Digital SLR and various fixed and zoom lenses.

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Anonymous said...

Those are some very nice pictures, I love the countryside.

I hope you regain your strength soon but, until then take it easy and relax.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ditto what Rick said. You need to exercise some patience here and soon you will be back active in the outdoor world. In the meantime, relax as much as you can on the porch!

CDGardens said...

Your camera caught some beautiful images,looking forward to seeing more.

I can understand your trip out...healing comes in doing the things you love at a slower pace. ;)

SimplyOutdoors said...

I hope you start feeling better soon, Othmar. I'm sure that landscape will help quicken the healing process for you.

I am extremely jealous of your surroundings.

And the pictures our gorgeous - as always.

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