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Merritt Outdoor Event

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In the aftermath of the mother of all nosebleeds I am still only running on a half full tank. Blood tank that is. I still can’t properly do all the things I would like without tiring quickly or get dizzy. Hence the lack of posting here. So when an opportunity came up to take part in an outdoor event right here in my won home town Merritt I thought that this is a good way to get back into the grove of things.

On Saturday the Powderkeg Sporting Supply Store celebrates its grand re-opening under new management and I have been asked to take part with my mini deer and turkey calling seminars . These seminars are specially designed for hunting product stores and will be held throughout the day. In between the seminars I will be on hand to answer all hunting related questions customers and visitors may have. From what I have been told by Fred Watson, the new owner of the Powderkeg, this is going to be one heck of an event for hunters and anglers of all ages. Believe me when i say that if you're in the area you do not want to miss this one.

It starts at 10 am with the Honorable Stockwell Day , the Federal Minister of Trade, cutting the ribbon. Of course the media represented by the TV, radio and local newspapers will be there too for the ribbon cutting. By the way, Stockwell Day is a committed supporter of hunting and fishing. It does not happen often that a member of the federal government publicly admits to that. He does and fir that alone my hat goes of to him. It's an added bonus that Stockwell Day is also one of the hardest working politicans in our country. He gets things done efficiently for our great nation. Sorry I degress, but I really like him and wish thre would more down to earth and hard working politicans like him.

Back to the grand re-opening of the Powderkeg.

There will be events going on throughout the day with some fantastic prices give away, from the fishing rod /reel combo, lures to a smoker and a air gun, there will be lots of prices for kids and adults available. Five hunting and fishing company representatives will be on hand with product demonstrations and useful advice and of course no event would be complete without music and BBQ and so we will have that too.

If you’re in or near Merritt tomorrow (Saturday July 9, 2009) please come by and say hello. It’s been a while since I took part in a store promotion event but it is always great fun and I get to meet many old friends and make new ones.

On a side note: Merritt, Canada’s Country Music Capitol, hosts the annual Country Music Festival over this weekend too. As usual the cream of North America’s country music artistes will take part on this three day event, starting today until Sunday, with all day concerts on the open air main stage. The town center is closed off to traffic to make room for the many vendor stalls, smaller street events and music performances of the local county music talents. In conjunction with the Country Music Festival there is the annual Bull Riding event at the Rodeo Grounds. This will be the first year that I have to miss out on the bull riding event. Rodeo is the only sport I am interested in and there was a time in my life when I seriously considered becoming a pro rodeo rider…but that is for another story. But hey, nothing is lost because in August Merritt does it all over again on the main rodeo event.

Boy am I spoiled or what? At heart I am a cowboy, a hunter and angler. I live in Merritt, one of the last real cowboy towns, surrounded by some of the best hunting and fishing British Columbia has to offer. Life can’t get any better than that. "Yeehaw", see you at the Powderkeg tomorrow.

Attention: If you would like me to attend your sporting goods store or any other hunting related event with one of my popular seminars visit my website or Email Me for more information.

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Marian Love Phillips said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are still having some health issues...but glad you got out and had a good time. Your body talks to take it easy and hopefully soon you will be as good as new! Take care my friend! :)

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