Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Fun

© By Othmar Vohringer

We had a great time on the Labor Day Weekend. Here in Merritt it’s the Weekend of the fall fair and the rodeo with a jam packed program. The event starts with a pancake breakfast in the town square followed by a parade, which this year was canceled for some reason.

Heidi entered the fall fair exhibition with a fine collection of her amazing photography and computer-generated artwork. For weeks Heidi searched through her huge image files to choose the very best she had to offer. When I saw the finalists staked up in her office I knew that she had a few winners. On Saturday when we went to the fall fair exhibition to see what everybody else had on display I was blown completely away by the fact that Heidi cleaned the awards up.

Every single photo and art piece made either first place, second or third place with the exception of two that made nothing and one honorable mention. To say I was mighty proud of my wife is an understatement. The fall fair is always interesting, there is so much to see and admire. Besides photography and art there were other crafts on display, preserved homegrown food, flowers, vegetables, 4-H livestock and projects, and so much more. It’s truly amazing what people do in their spare time. I only wish more young people would get involved in such community events.

On Sunday we went to the rodeo which, for me is always the highlight of the fall fair. Rodeo is just about the only sport that interests me. This years highlight was however the success of my wife. Nothing can compare to that. Yep, we have had a great weekend. There is nothing like living in a small town with an active community spirit. Can’t find that in the big city.

Read more about the fall fair and Heidi's exhibition here and here you can see a few of her award winning images.
To see Heidi's awesome photography and learn more about her photography services visit her website.

Here I leave you with a few pictures from the rodeo
Photos © By Othmar Vohringer

I just took that shot a split second before the cowboy joined his hat on the ground.

This bull is known for jumped high in the air and then twist quickly or roll to throw the rider off balance.

This particular bull has a reputation for getting the rider off over his head and then stomp on him. The bull rider will be sent flying any second now.

Calf roping and steer wresting is still very much part of the daily life on the cattle ranges around Merritt. Here are two local cowboys show how it is done.

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Rick Kratzke said...

It sounds like another great Labor Day weekend. Tell Heidi congratulations on her photo's. The rodeo pics were pretty neat.

SimplyOutdoors said...

I love the rodeo, and I especially love bull riding. I could never do it myself, but I sure admire the men who do.

Congrats to your wife. I knew she would win something, considering I haven't seen a picture of hers yet, that I didn't think was incredible.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'll pass your compliments on to Heidi.

Arthur - As I wrote in my post, rodeo is the only sport that I ever have shown an interest in. There was a time when I was younger where I seriously considered to become a Pro-Rodeo rider. Like you I like bull riding and have the highest respect for those that dare to ride bulls.

BTW. I had an offer for the pictures from a rodeo magazine. They even asked me if I would write about the Merritt rodeo. I shot these pictures with my new Canon LSR camera and a 300mm lens.

With Heidi's tutorship I became a passable photographer too. :)


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