Friday, September 25, 2009

Othmar Vohringer Joins ASAT Camo® Pro-Staff Team

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Merritt, September 24, 2009

Merritt, British Columbia, Canada – Othmar Vohringer announced today that he joined the Pro-Staff team of ASAT Camo®. Othmar said “I have been a ASAT camouflage user for many years. What convinced me about ASAT is the fact that it is one of the few camouflage patterns designed using animal vision science. After researching many different camouflage patterns in my own field tests I came to the researched conclusion that ASAT indeed is the choice of smart hunters.”

Highly respected by his peers, Othmar’s accomplishments as an outdoor writer, seminar speaker and hunting promoter will add to the reputation of ASAT Camo. “I am pleased to support ASAT any which way I can. As a convinced ASAT user I have the dedication and believability needed to promote the product convincingly.” Othmar said.

About ASAT
By the time ASAT Camo began back in 1986, Jim Barnhart and hunting buddy Stan Starr Jr. had already come to some definite conclusions about how hunting camouflage should look. The two did not start out to get into the camo business -- ASAT (All Season All Terrain) camo was developed after almost twenty years of exhaustive research in all parts of North America, in all four seasons of the year.

Stan and Jim believed that a lot of camo available at the time had been designed like fishing lures - to catch the hunter rather than help catch the quarry. They knew that just because a pattern looks good in a store or in a small isolated field situation, it doesn't mean that it will work well under all conditions and at all times of the year. What Stan and Jim ultimately decided to do was develop a camo pattern that would be good at all times, in any environment, to fool any game animal or bird. It was a tall order, but the pair felt that they had succeeded with ASAT. Obviously, many hunters felt and still feel, the very same way.

Today, over 20 years later the same pattern continues to turn hunter's heads, with it's light khaki tan background and contrasting, curved striped shapes. Hunters wearing ASAT realize they have effective camo for virtually all conditions - from bright direct sunlight - to the low light of early morning/late evening - to cloudy overcast days and most every hunting condition in between.

Whether you are attempting to hide in rocks, trees, limbs, bushes, leaf edges and more, ASAT continues to deliver - with a promise. We at ASAT are so confident in our camouflage that we are offering an impressive guarantee: If any customer wears ASAT exclusively for one year and doesn't see more game than they ever have wearing anything else, we will buy your garment back. More information about ASAT is available at:

About Othmar Vohringer
Life long hunter using bow, crossbow, rifle and muzzleloader in the pursuit of his favorite game animals, the whitetail deer and wild turkey, conservationist, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and registered hunter education instructor of British Columbia, Othmar has spent a lifetime promoting hunting and recruiting young and new hunters. More information about Othmar is available at:


CDGardens said...

Congratulations on becoming apart of the ASAT pro-team.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Othmar, that is great news.

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