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Inside The Wild

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Inside The Wild is the story of L.W. Oakely, a resident of Ontario, and his experiences in the wild places thereof. As an avid reader of natural history and hunting books I naturally looked forward to reading it when Oakley asked me to review it.

It should be mentioned that the author does not try to be politically correct when it comes to addressing subjects by their proper names and he voices his opinions on touchy subjects at a time when many other writers try hard to avoid controversy. I consider it a plus to his writing that he speaks freely what is on his mind.

There are one or two passages in the book that made me scratch my head a bit however, like the generalizing remark about SUV drivers, plus one or two remarks about other hunters. But I can accept that as his opinion even if I do not share it.

Inside The Wild is a detailed account of L.W. Oakley’s life as a hunter and nature enthusiast among a close-knit circle of hunting friends whose adventures into the wild world of northern Ontario have shaped his beliefs and opinions of what hunting and nature means to him.

I have read the book from the first to the last page and often found it hard to put it down. Oakley is a great storyteller while passing along some valuable insights for us to consider without sounding preachy. I particularly enjoyed how Oakley starts each chapter with a personal story he experienced with his hunting friends. Some of these stories make you think while others make you smile or even laugh.

The book is richly illustrated with pictures, some of which are a bit graphic in nature. Be it text or pictures I appreciate the fact that Oakley depicts a real image of nature and all things wild rather than having succumbed to the trend of presenting the natural world without it’s dark side. Inside the Wild is about the beauty but also the savagery of nature in all its naked truth viewed through the eyes of a passionate hunter and conservationist. If you like a good book that tells it the way it is without apologies then you will enjoy reading Inside the Wild as much as I have.

With Christmas coming up this is the ideal gift for hunters of all ages.

Inside the Wild.
Author: L.W. Oakely
Publisher: General Store Publishing House (Canada).
Paperback 6” x 9”, 175 pages. Book contains 43 short stories grouped into three sections: Hunting, Wildlife and Wilderness. Illustrated with 48 black and white pictures.
Cover price $19.95
ISBN-13: 078-1-897113-52-3

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