Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sportsman Channel Magazine to cease all publication

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Yesterday I received an email from the editors of the Sportsman Channel informing me that due to budget constraints the Sportsman Magazine will no longer be published.

Just a little over a month ago I was informed that the popular TV hunting show-programming company would close their printed magazine due to the high production cost and replace it with a internet version. Now two editions into the new version, which by the way was of outstanding quality, we’re informed that this version will closed down for good too.

With that decision, undoubtedly based on the current economic situation, another outdoor publication is lost forever. I had the privilege to contribute several articles for this publication and it was always a pleasure to deal with the editorial staff. To see this magazine go not only means another income loss for outdoor writers but also a loss for the readers who looked every month forward to this great magazine.

Just to avoid any confusion. The Sportsman Channel is still going strong and still offers some of the best and strongest outdoor TV programming available on cable. The closure only affects the Sportsman Magazine.

The way the economy is I am almost convinced that this is not the last time that we hear of an outdoor magazine having to make that difficult decision. Lets hope that the American economy is getting soon back on track again.

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Michelle S said...

Thank you for informing our viewers/readers about Sportsman Channel ceasing publication of our magazine. It was a difficult decision to make, to be sure. The magazine was free to our viewers and we decided not to charge a subscription fee moving forward. We are, after all, a TV network and not in the magazine business. So we are focusing our resources on making Sportsman Channel the best hunting, shooting and fishing network out there!

We will miss working with outdoor writers on the magazine. I've come to know so many of you so well - two of my best friends in the industry are journalists I met through this magazine!
But, trust me, I'll still knock on your doors as there's always much to tell in our industry.

If your readers have ideas they want to share with me on telling the outdoors story, I am all ears. Keep in mind we have over 100 programs on the network, that's hundreds of possible stories!

Merry Christmas,
Michelle Scheuermann

Anonymous said...

Othmar, thanks for letting us know. This is truly a unhappy moment. The economy takes another innocent victim.

Maybe that is why Michelle hasn't replied to my email.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Michelle - It was a pleasure working with the Sportsman Magazine and I look forward to your "knock on the door" anytime you need my assistance.

Rick - Yes it is sad when we loose publications that we have enjoyed for many years. I truly hope that we soon see a turn around in the economy.

I am sure Michelle has been very busy the last few weeks and days and will get back to you as soon she can. Perhaps you can send her a reminder of your email.


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