Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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It’s been ages since I did a “Blog Buzz”. It seems of late I just can’t find the time in my hectic schedule to cruse around the Internet and visit other blogs to highlight here. A few weeks ago Kristine from Outdoor Bloggers Summit, of which I am a founding member, issued a writing challenge to the OBS member bloggers. The challenge is titled “How To get Everybody Outdoors” in which other bloggers are asked to write about how to get kids, and adults, away from the computer, TV and other housebound activities and into the outdoors.

The response was phenomenal. Eleven outdoor bloggers took the challenge and came up with what I consider to be some of the best reading I have seen in the blogging world for a long time. Here is a list of all the blogs with links to the articles. I urge you all to take the time and read the articles.

I did not take part in this challenge because I wrote a guest blog “Youth Outdoor Participation Declines” on the OBS that covered that very topic. In fact it may have been my article that gave Kristine the idea to issue this very important challenge.

Our biggest challenge for the future is to get kids back outdoors, not only to secure the future of hunting and fishing but for the general well-being of our children and nature. If future generations loose all connections with the great outdoors and understanding of how nature works how will they be able to learn how important this planet is to all living things, including humans?

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Scot said...

I could not agree more Othmar, kids are so caught up in this new technology the net. Especially with online games. I think the best thing we as hunters and website owners can do is invest in simple hunting game applications driven to entice kids into our tradition.

Through those games we can teach ethics, what hunting is really about and wildlife ecology basics. With the excitement of gaming the kids will want to act that out in real life. I am very concerned to see our hunter numbers dwindling and think our tradition has to change to reach large amounts of kids or suffer the consequences.

By simple applications I mean have you ever seen farmville on facebook? Well to sum it up it is a very simple gaming application that kids learn how to farm. Heck I am even addicted to the game but my point is that is where the majority of kids are at. That and they sink huge amounts of time into MMORPG's. Roleplaying games.

Just some thoughts I figure I would throw up and maybe someone could use these ideas.

I am glad you all had a great response over at OBS wish I could have had time to join in the discussion. I will make sure I head over and check out the results.

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