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Busy March

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This time of year is typically very busy for me. Everything happens in March and early April with hunting trade shows, club events, seminars and writing articles for publishing in the fall and winter editions of hunting magazines.

Tomorrow I am going to the BC Hunting and Fishing Show, the largest hunting and fishing trade show in our province, as an outdoor media representative, taking lots of pictures and notes on new products and people I meet. For me that show is always one of the highlights of the year. Meeting old friends and acquaintances that I rarely see throughout the year and establishing, or renew, business relationships are an important part for me too. Of course I also enjoy just wandering through the exhibitions and see what new products are on the market.

Then on March 19 to 22 I am part of the Nicola Valley Fish & Game Club hunter education instructor team. As a promoter of our hunting heritage this to me is a very important event. The hunter education course (C.O.R.E.) is mandatory in British Columbia for every resident over the age of 14 years wishing to become a hunter. Each year we see more people attending this courses, which is a very good thing as far as I am concerned.

On March 28 I go to Keremeos, which is about a two hour drive from Merritt, to give a four hour turkey hunting seminar at the Keremeos, Cawston Sportsman Association Club House. Since that small town is in the middle of the best turkey habitat, and going by my past seminars, it should be a packed house. Turkey hunting is still relatively new to British Columbia and hunters are understandably eager to learn how to hunt these birds.

(If you’re looking for a seminar and hunting event speaker check my website for more information on the seminar topics I cover.)

February 27 the Nicola Valley Fish & Club, of which I currently serve as the 2nd vice president, held their annual Game Dinner and Trophy Award Night. To see how that went read my “Field Notes” here.

In between all this coming and going I am writing articles for hunting magazines that need to be submitted by the end of April to the beginning of June for fall and winter publishing and there is of course my regular newspaper outdoor column that is not only work but also a lot of fun to write. Somewhere in all that I have to find time to go turkey hunting this spring. With any luck I hope to finally shoot my first BC wild turkey to be featured as main ingredient for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. But what really thrills me about it this year is that I will accompany an elderly couple on their request to help them get their first tom. To help a novice hunter, regardless of age, getting their first game is always a very special and enjoyable event for me.

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