Thursday, April 01, 2010

Turkey Hunting Seminar in Keremeos, BC

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On March 28 my wife and I drove to Keremeos, BC were I was scheduled to give a turkey hunting seminar. The event had been organized by the Keremeos - Cawston Sportsmen Association and about 39 people attended, which was a great turnout considering that this is only a small club. Among the visitors where Ken Sward, he organized the event and is also the manufacturer of the Pak-Kart big game packing carts. Other guests included award winning outdoor writer William R. Duff and a representative of the BC Wildlife Federation. My hunting seminars quickly become very popular in British Columbia. My club seminars are specially designed to serve as a fund raiser for the hosting clubs and organizations.

Setting up my seminar display. Second from left is Ken Sward, Wildlife Director from the Keremeos - Cawston Sportsmen Association and organizer of the seminar. In the middle of the picture is William R. Duff, a fellow outdoor writer and member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada from Keremeos. The hunter on the far right took advantage of all the additional free information material available.

My turkey hunting seminar display consisting of; camouflage, turkey calls, decoys, pictures and information leaflets for the National Wild Turkey Federation and my own found great appeal with the seminar visitors.

The guests listened to what I had to say and made notes. Turkey hunting is still relatively new to British Columbia and hunters a re eager to learn more about it.

The hunters were eager to ask questions. After each segment of the seminar I make a question and answer segment about the previous topic. This gives the visitors the opportunity to actively take part in the lecture and ask questions about things they might no have fully understood and that were not covered.

At the end of the seminar I let every visitor play with the turkey calls and gave instructions where needed. All in all this was a great event. My wife and I made may new friends and enjoyed the warm hospitality extended to us by the organizers and visitors of the seminar.

On our way to Keremeos and back home I watched out for turkeys while Heidi was driving. We haven't seen any turkeys but we did see about 10 deer in a small woodlot next to the highway. This mule deer do posed for a photograph.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting Othmar. To bad you weren't so far away, I would attend one of your seminars.

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